Sexy and beautiful legs – a real eye-catcher for the summer

Sexy legs, every woman dreams of beautiful and sexy legs for the summer.

But what exactly is the secret of perfect and sexy legs?

  • They are tanned
  • The legs are without hair
  • and are silky soft and shine
  • Cellulite is barely visible
Hardly it gets warm, finally the first real summer day – and uuups – we are not really prepared.
Way too early! With horror, many women find that their legs do not look the way they imagined: un-tanned, fine veins shimmer through in some places, the skin is coarse-pored and looks a little dull.
But, do not worry, with a few simple steps you can get out a lot and the legs are quickly fit and well maintained for the summer.

With the following tips you make your legs the stars of the summer

To get sexy legs, exfoliate:

The dead skin cells should be removed regularly, that’s how the skin looks healthy and fresh. It also stimulates blood circulation in the skin. The legs are immediately firmer and the skin gets a rosy glow.

The easiest way to do this is with a sea salt scrub. So, off in the shower and exfoliate! In drugstores special body scrubs are offered. But you can make a great body scrub out of coarse sea salt and honey yourself.

Another option would be a peeling glove:

Rub your legs in a circular motion, but do not forget your knees and ankles. You can even do this every morning with the peeling glove. Brings a great side effect and your circulation going.

A bit getting used to, but also very effective:

Changing showers. By alternately cold and warm water, the circulation is stimulated perfectly, the fat burning increases and the skin immediately appears tighter.

Sea salt peeling

Shave your sexy legs:

Beautiful legs should be smooth and silky, so be free from hair!

There are also different possibilities. Shave, waxing or epilate.

To free themselves from the annoying body hair, most women still take the blade in the hand. This quickly conjures a handsome result.

To get sexy legs - shave them


Always use a fresh blade when shaving and apply some Sensitive Shaving Cream on your legs.

And attention:

It is better to epilate or wax on your knees, because here the danger is especially great that you could cut yourself and thus hurt yourself.

Very well suited, if a bit painful, is waxing or epilating. The hair is removed with the root and the skin optimally protected.

But nevertheless, no matter which variant applies:

Then always apply a soothing skin lotion, best with aloe vera.

Dry oil makes sexy legs shimmerUse dry oil for your shiny and sexy legs

Dry oil has the advantage of normal body oil that it immediately moves into the skin and does not stick or smear.
After showering, massage the dry oil onto your freshly fanned legs, which will make your legs glow and moisturize them. Then you can get dressed immediately, as this dry oil leaves no sticky film.

Leg training – exercise for perfect legs

For well-formed, firm legs you can not avoid a bit of training.

It takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it! Most effective are squats, preferably one-legged. So the muscles are particularly stressed.

Great side effect:

The butt is trained with the same.

And the good thing about it:

You can do it over and over again during the daytime and everywhere. Walking, jogging and cycling is great for the muscles and make the legs beautiful.

Leg training

Anti-cellulite program:

Getting rid of the unsightly dents on thighs and buttocks is not always easy. An unhealthy, high-calorie diet, genetically weak connective tissue, hormonal influences and too little exercise promote cellulite.

Grapefruit can do wonders to fight the unsightly dents. Once a day you should enjoy this fruit, because it not only tastes good, it is low in calories, rich in vitamins, helps very well with detoxification and helps also with regular consumption to improve your skin appearance.

Good anti-cellulite creams or anti-cellulite oils can also support the whole thing positively. They have a firming effect and strengthen the skin vessels.

Another way to strengthen the connective tissue of the legs and buttocks would be a plucking massage. Pluck and massage the affected areas every day. For this you take a little skin between the fingers and squeeze tightly. But of course, it does not really hurt, but it feels good.

This plucking massage stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the connective tissue. Do this for one of your morning rituals before you get dressed.

You’ll see, your legs are improving in no time and pretty soon you’ll have sexy legs.

Camouflage make-up Tinted care:

For beautiful and sexy legs you may even cheat!
And the supreme discipline for optical cheating is beautiful tanned skin.

Tan makes our legs look slimmer and conceals irregularities.

Perfect for that:

Body Blur – Lotions. They look like a tinted moisturizer, just for the body. Cream your smooth-groomed legs with Body Blur – Lotion, just like a normal body lotion. This great Body Blur – Lotion gives your skin a light, healthy tint, hiding fine veins, small dents or even self-tanning traces.

If you have bruises, you can use camouflage cream to cover your skin tone. This special make-up adheres very well to the skin, covers well and is water and smudge-proof.

And if you want a quick solution:

For a quick solution you can use this trick to conjure a subtle tan on your legs.
Bronze shimmer powder. Apply it with a very thick brush. This immediately conjures a gentle, but irresistible shine. But before applying bronze powder renounce the creaming, otherwise it will be spotty.

Sunscreen for your sexy legs


And of course always indispensable for beautiful and sexy legs:

Please use Sunscreen!

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Ultimate tips against Jet lag after long flights

We have put together a few tips for you on how you can cope better with jet lag in the future in order to keep the physical discomfort as low as possible.

Traveling by air is certainly one of the most exhilarating experiences that one can have in their lifetimes.

If you are on a move to take a domestic or an international flight, you might find yourself occupied with the idea of packing the essentials and having a good time on the flight.

However, if you are taking a long flight to travel to another country, you are more likely to get Jet lag during and after the flight.

What exactly is Jet lag and what does it do to our bodies

Jet lag is categorized as extreme fatigue and exhaustion along with certain physical effects.
The passenger feels this extreme exhaustion at the destination after this long flight.

Departure lounge

Jet lag could be highly stressful to our bodies

While dealing with Jet lag could be highly stressful to our bodies, you can always find a way to cope with the aftermaths of a Jet lag. Learning how to deal with Jet lag could help you in familiarizing yourself with how your body works and how it reacts.

It is no wonder that our bodies are wired to conduct a certain number of activities throughout a 24-hour cycle, which includes sleeping, eating, and working. These activities are powered by circadian rhythms in our bodies.

Our body loses the track of its circadian rhythm while traveling

However, when we travel, our body loses the track of its circadian rhythm, which makes our bodies susceptible to stress, exhaustion, disorders and ache. And that could make you feel sleepy for days.

If you travel from one time zone to the other, it could subject your body to extreme effort, which attributes to chronic fatigue along with concentration problems, loss of appetite and memory, and stomach and intestinal problems.

And you will probably need to seek medical advice if the symptoms of jet lag become more severe.

Change your rhythm as early as possible to avoid Jet lag

If you are considering traveling to another country, and you are afraid of having Jet lag after the flight, you should take initiatives to change the daily routine a few days before your flight.

Depending on the distance you want to travel and the length of your stay, you should stay awake longer in the evening and get up earlier in the morning.
In this way you can prepare your body well for the new time zone and save it from a state of exhaustion.

If you stay awake for a shorter duration, it will keep your body from shaking off the symptoms of Jet lag after you have reached your destination.

Forget the time at home

If you have travelled abroad, you might find yourself reaching out to your former routine, and you will find yourself eating and sleeping in accordance with the time in your home country.

To avoid the occurrence of a Jet lag, you should orient yourself from flight to the time of the destination to help your body and mind adjust according to the environment of the destination.

Different time zones - Jet lag could be highly stressful to our bodies

Use the sunlight to your advantage

If you find yourself agitated with the symptoms of a Jet lag, you should try to stay outdoors as much as possible and treat yourself to a good dose of sunlight.

Be active and exercise as often as possible. This will help alleviate the annoying Jet lag symptoms.

It has been proven scientifically that the production of melatonin in your body affects the performance of your body. The hormone melatonin is formed in the dark and affects your body.

It also determines how tired you are after a long flight, and it makes you more susceptible to the long term symptoms of a Jet lag.

Staying outdoors allows the sun to inhibit the production of melatonin in your bodies, which prepare you to fight against a Jet lag after a long flight.

Be active and exercise as often as possible - outside

Hold until bedtime

If you have travelled to another country or another time zone, you should be consistent with your new routine. It would be the best, if you could stay awake until 9 or 10 pm, and get up early in the morning.

It will help you become more active during the day, and it will aid you in sleeping at night without causing any troubles to your body.

Give up eating on the plane. 

Mostly the food in the plane is not very tasty. Without the food in the stomach your body can adjust better to the new time zone. This is exactly why you should avoid eating on the plane at all costs.

You can retreat yourself to snacks to maintain your energy levels or, you can eat fruits which helps to prevent Jet lags.

During the day only take short nap

If you have recently taken a long flight to travel between two different time zones, you are more likely to feel jet-lagged once you reach your destination.

You should consider taking short naps during the day to allow your body to adjust to the environment of the new place.

It will also help you overcome the symptoms of a Jet lag.

A short nap - very helpful against Jet lag

Sleep better with the right foods

Did you know that the consumption of high nutrient meals play a vital role in maintaining our sleep cycles? On the contrary, if you were to eat junk foods, you are more likely to have a disturbed sleeping routine.

If you are experiencing a lethargic Jet lag after a long flight, you should consider treating yourself to right foods.

You can always maintain your diet by indulging in tryptophan contain food.

For example, eggs, nuts, lean meat, buckwheat, fish and seafood. The consumption of such highly nutrients meals produce serotonin in your bodies, which helps you sleep better despite a Jet lag.

On the contrary, if you were to consume oil-laden meals before and after a long flight, you are more likely to experience a long-term Jet lag.

So you should treat yourself to right meals to avoid the occurrence of a Jet lag.

Healthy nutrition

Sleep despite Jet lag

Having a Jet lag could be immensely traumatic to your bodies, and it provokes you to stay up at night.

If you find yourself fidgeting at night due to a Jet lag, you should consider pushing the pressure and tension on your body. Treat yourself to a good night sleep.

You can take a sleeping pill or add few drops of lavender oil to the diffuser before you darken the room to sleep.

It would be very good if you could find a quiet place to sleep before you doze off.

If you sleep in a hectic room, you are more likely to wake up aggravated, which might induce more stress to your body.

And if you are still unable to sleep, you can consider taking a warm bath before going to sleep, this will help you relax your muscles.

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Varicose veins and spider veins – so you can prevent them with Vein gymnastics

Varicose veins and spider veins, blue to reddish discolored veins and small vascular trees shimmer through the skin, usually on the legs. The legs feel heavy, warm and tired, are swollen and hurt.

What causes varicose veins or spider veins?

The most common causes of this are usually long sitting in the office, long car trips or air travel, lack of exercise, as well as one-sided stress.Varicose veins and spider veins occur when the vascular walls of the veins under the skin can not resist enough and expand the bloodstream. The reason is usually a genetic connective tissue weakness. By 30, the connective tissue loses its strength.

Here we’ll tell you a few tips for intact veins, how to prevent varicose veins or relieves your legs with lighter discomfort.

To avoid varicose veins – exercise keep your veins healthy!

For veins to stay healthy, they have to work. The job of the veins is to pump the spent blood from the extremities back up to the heart. Against the force of the veins perform daily intensive work.
The leg muscles help decisively. For this reason, it is very important to move accordingly.
Endurance sports such as walking, jogging, trampoline jumping, swimming, cycling or dancing would be ideal.
But even 5 smaller gym exercises that you can do at home without much effort on the ceiling, prevent and provide relief:

Exercise 1:

Put on tiptoe

For the first exercise, lie down with your back to the floor, facing a wall. The feet are supported on the wall at a 90 degree angle. Then you pull on the toes of the left foot vigorously, while you press the heel of the right foot firmly against the wall. Hold for 10 seconds, relax your muscles for a moment and then do the same with the other foot.
Repeat this exercise a few times.

Exercise 2:

Press the ball with the soles of the feet

Lie on your back on a blanket or gymnastics (yoga) mat and pin a small (ball of pimple) between your feet and stretch your legs straight up. Or stand upright, so you can also do the exercise in the office in between.

Then try to squeeze the ball with the soles of the feet very tightly together. Hold the tension for 10 seconds. Loosen and tighten again. Do several repetitions.

Squeeze the ball with the soles - perfect exercise against varicose veins

Exercise 3:

Toe Stand

This exercise you can do great next to the television or brushing your teeth. Stand upright and hold on to a chair back if necessary, then stand on tiptoe and hold for 5-10 seconds. Then take turns taking off his heels and roll back on tiptoe.

This exercise optimally strengthens the calves.

Exercise 4:

To go biking is very good against varicose veins

Lie relaxed on your back and fold your hands behind your neck. Lift your legs lightly and wink at them. Now move your legs as if you are cycling.

Cool side effect: when you lower your legs a bit and lift your upper body slightly, you not only train your thighs, but also your abdominal muscles.Exercise tip against varicose veins - cycling

Exercise 5:

Walking like a stork

For this exercise you walk through the room, pulling your knees alternately at 90 degrees to the body. Stretch your toes in the angled, then this exercise is even more effective.

More interesting tips for you against varicose veins and spider veins

Among other things, make sure that you eat a balanced and healthy diet. Although varicose veins are often genetic (connective tissue weakness), being overweight may also favor the development of varicose veins.

Avoid sitting and standing for a long time and wear compression stockings to relieve strain on long journeys by plane, train or car.

Put your legs up as often as possible! This counteracts the development of varicose veins and spider veins.

Do not wear too tight clothes. This can inhibit the blood flow of the veins.

If you are prone to varicose and spider veins, do not wear shoes with high heels as often as possible. Put more on flatter shoes and if possible, run barefoot as often as possible!

Regular cold-warm alternating showers strengthen your vessels.


Varicose veins are serious!

If you have major complaints, please consult a doctor!

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What men like about women is more important than just good looks

What do men really like about women?

It is a common misconception that men usually gravitate towards a woman’s look when it comes to developing feeling for hers. This idea of having good looks is too stereotyped and generalized in a society, which could require girls-of-age to become apprehensive about their looks for having a boyfriend or getting married. This notion of men liking a woman’s looks has been debunked by men, and they have openly expressed the traits in a woman that appeals the most to them. While good looks or a maintained and dressed up woman appeal to most guys, a man wants a woman to be more beautiful and pretty—he wants his partner to be intellectual, conversationalist, communicative, independent, humorous, outgoing and personality.

And what else should a dream woman have?

If his partner has maternal instincts, man thinks that’s great! Because that’s what he looks for in his partner. Could she spoil him with her cooking skills and take care of him, just be there for him? A woman who also asks him how he is after a long day. Of course, good looks are a great advantage… but not enough to fall in love and dream of a long and happy relationship. A man seeks a sense of completeness and health from his partners, and good looks are only part of the package. He seeks the following qualities and characteristics in his partner:

Men like about women a lovely smile

A smile is the most attractive feature of anyone’s face. An alluring smile appeals to most guys, and they tend to fall for smiles more than good looks. A majority of the men think that a woman should smile frequently, as it her look more attractive to them. Men like about women a lovely smile

Delicious cooking – maybe even in pairs

If a woman can cook a little, that wouldn’t be bad. As we all know, the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. That doesn’t mean it’s super important, but cooking has something sensual about it. And cooking is also a lot of fun when you’re together!

Delicious cooking and a sense of humor, this is what men like about women

What men like about women?  A sense of humor

Nothing unites people more than shared humor.

Moreover, women who can laugh at themselves sometimes seem very attractive to men.

And if things get rough, a humorous woman can help them to find each other again.

That is what men like about women.

No man would be interested in having a relationship with a woman who is always serious and fun-free.

Capricious women, men find this rather deterrent!

Funny woman playing air guitar with a shovel


When men say “She’s not only my wife, she’s my best friend”, the relationship is going well. Because just like women, men want to know if they can rely on their partner. That she is also there for him, that she stands by him – even in bad times.

Caring nature and motherly instinct

Show him your caring side.

Whether it is so important to men because their mother brought hot soup to their bed with a cold in childhood or because it is important to them that their partner will be a caring mother of their children is an open discourse among evolutionary psychologists.

It indicates that she is ready to care for and look after him, and most probably start a family with him in the long run.

In any case, one thing is certain: men find it great when they are cared for by their partner.

But not to be confused with devotion to self-abandonment!

Woman cuddling a dog

A neat appearance and naturalness

Of course, when you first get to know each other, appearance is also important. But in a different way than women believe.For men it is first and foremost decisive that a woman takes care of herself. Does she pay attention to her appearance or does she let herself go.
Does she treat herself with esteem, is she attentive and loving with herself and her body? The conclusion is quite simple: If she treats herself well, she will be so in other matters. Men like about women if a woman is natural and not pretending. Because some women convulsively try to transport a certain image of themselves, to be someone else or to imitate someone else. And she is also allowed to show her face without make-up. Besides, HE thinks it is great if SHE is just as confident barefoot as on high heels. Hands holding a wooden heart

Being able to compromise

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them for you.

And what men don’t like when they have a drama queen at home

We women should also be willing to compromise.

It’s wonderful when we can share our worries and concerns with each other in a partnership and look for good solutions.

In this way we can grow in partnership with each other and also together.

To become an unbeatable team. Wow!

Flirting couple

Be a good listener

Most men love it when a woman can listen. Just sit and listen. But this is REALLY listening. It’s a way of showing him that you care. It also means that you have to be patient as a listener, because it can take a while for men to come out with their problem.

The ability to listen and really hear what’s being said is one of the things men love in women because it’s so supportive – and they’re much more likely to reciprocate.

Woman in Home-Office

Being accomplished and fulfilled

Men like about women, when a woman has a full life of her own. In other words: Don’t give up your own life because of a relationship. Men find women who are independent, financially or emotionally, very attractive. Maybe you have a good job that is interesting, makes money and is fun. Very good. Or you have hobbies and interests that you would like to pursue on your own. Great! Besides, it’s not bad if you also have your own friends and keep them. Own interests not only make you happy, they also inspire the partnership. Because if a woman is happy and fulfilled, this could inspire a man to build a long-term relationship with a woman to learn more about her.

High or low voice

It is scientifically proven that a high voice of a woman awakens the male protective instinct.

In contrast, a deep female voice is perceived by men as erotic and signals to the man

“She knows what she wants”

So whether a man likes a light or a darker female voice depends on whether he is more of a protector type or loves a challenge.

Long messy hair

A majority of the women believe in looking their best and keeping their hair in best condition to stand out to men but, it has been proven several times that men gravitate towards women who have long messy hair. It gives him a chance to wind up and play with her hair, and it makes him adore his partner even more. What men like about women - long messy hair

Men like the color RED on women

As already mentioned, a smile is the most attractive feature of any face. However, when man sees RED, his imagination plays tricks on him! A pretty smile paired with red lips could take a woman’s attractiveness to another level. Men find red lips attractive and believe that applying red lipstick can make a woman look more beautiful than she is. A woman in a sinful-red dress is actually also found more erotic by men than a dress or clothes in other colors. This is due to the signal effect of the color red. An eye-catcher that a man can hardly escape.

And of course men love SEX

She likes her body and feels comfortable in it. He thinks that’s great – attractive. And besides she likes the sex after no matter how many dates and feels comfortable with it. Men really like that! It’s not about a fancy sex position or marathon sex and not about being particularly wicked. Men love to be surprised with sex to tame the wild kitten and make it purr. What men want from women during sex is sensuality. They want HER to show them what SHE enjoys. Couple under the blanket

Enjoy life

Men like it when a woman is fun-loving, has fun with different things and maybe does things that guys do.

A woman who maybe also gets her hands or fingernails dirty sometimes and doesn’t freak out right away.

Or doesn’t faint at the sight of a spider.

He also wants someone that would be down with doing “boy” things and can be tomboyish just sometimes!


Well-groomed, smart, charming, a little proud, attentive with a heart of gold.

Always ready for a surprise, a little nuance of jealousy, yet honest, open and faithful.

Ready is the dream woman!

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The biggest relationship mistakes of women

Relationship mistakes often happen subconsciously

A functioning, vibrant relationship can be one of the most beautiful things in life. It brings happiness, joy and contentment to the couple. A great and well-functioning relationship also gives us support. Despite all this, there can be different situations and conditions that can upset and influence a relationship between man and woman. Often in these situations, mistakes are made by both sides and the house blessing hangs crooked. Of course relationship mistakes are made by men and women, but here we wanted to shed light on what we women often do wrong subconsciously.

Which relationship mistakes can we prevent

How can we improve our relationship by avoiding these mistakes? We have tried to observe and analyze the issue.

What happens to our relationship if we make mistakes

Because if these mistakes are made again and again, a valuable relationship loses its joy and strength over time. If we succeed in overcoming and avoiding these mistakes, you can bring your relationship into a productive and happy state. The biggest relationship mistakes we women make that lead to a bad relationship are the following:

We cannot or will not understand men

We women think we understand men.

We think we know what he feels?

And what he thinks – but the truth is, you can’t fully understand their thoughts.

Everyone has a different psychology, men and women.

And that’s why it’s rather difficult to interpret them.

Do not analyze your husband’s behavior from your own perspective.

He might say something else with a different meaning, but we interpret it negatively, don’t do that.

Relationship mistakes - an elderly couple has a fight

We try to change our partner

This is a really big relationship mistake. It can become a big problem if we are not satisfied with the man we live with for a longer period of time. We start to look for flaws and faults in him, want to reshape him. Then suddenly, at a party, we see another man who may have been nice to us for a short time, and we feel attracted to him – and we may forget the gentleman we are currently with. And that is really not fair.

We do not see what is being done for us

This is an unfortunately big relationship mistake of us women.

We do not see the things our husband does for us just to make us happy and content.

We often take everything he does for granted.

We think that we deserve everything he does for us anyway.

And we forget to appreciate it.

This unfortunately leads to frustration and mistrust in our relationships, without which we would not have wanted this.

A heart is cutting in pieces

Another relationship mistake – we forget to give

We love getting things and favors. The problem is we’re not willing to do the same for him. We should just be willing to compromise on different things. Relationship is synonymous with compromise. It is not enough to cook for him or do his laundry or keep his appointments. No, a man wants his partner to be interested in his interests, to listen to him and to spend time with him. Thinking only about yourself can lead to problems that can cause difficulties on both sides. Compromise, love and extreme care are the things that can bring happiness and satisfaction in every relationship. Drama - Queen

We become drama queens

Now here comes our drama that we women love to put in every state of our lives. We become oversensitive and over-reactive to every little mistake of men. Most of the times, the men are getting to a different perspective of the issue in a positive way and we women turn it into a whole different issue that affects the relationship at the end. We think that we are the only one who has faced such amount of problems and the world is just not fair with us. We tend to believe that we are more sensitive than men but the truth is men are quite sensitive too. In the matter of feelings and relations both parties have the sense of sensitivity or should have because have sincere feelings can lead to a happy relationship. There is a famous proverb that no mosquitos make elephants, which means simple tiny problems can’t harm you that much and you don’t need to react that much, just be patient and endure little problems, find a solution and work together to solve the issue.

We cling

When we are newly in love, we like to cling to the man, to his deeds, to his words, and sometimes we are much too much around him. We just don’t give him enough space, so that he might be able to deal with his own things and his own little problems or just meet his own friends. But it is healthy to have different circles of friends and hobbies. Further we cling to his words, which he said, but which he maybe didn’t mean at all. We also do not forgive him for the little mistake he made, although he has apologized for it a million times. No, we continue to cling to him and narrow him down. Unfortunately, the relationship doesn’t lead anywhere and in the end the man will feel stressed and will take off. Because the more one partner clings, the more the other withdraws. That would be a pity! So, less clinging.

We forget our own value

For most women there is another problem:

They value their men more than they value themselves.

They are so to speak blinded by love and forget themselves in the process.

One should never put one’s own needs completely in the background and neglect oneself to make the other happy.

A love is a constant give and take and should always be balanced.

We should rethink our relationship if it weakens our self-confidence.

Because even the most exciting infatuation has its limits when it becomes an addiction and we let ourselves get slaughtered by it.

Never forget your self-respect and your worth.

Sad woman because of relationship mistakes

We compare with the ex

Oh, yeah, there’s the reason why the ex is the ex. Isn’t there? We shouldn’t forget this reason and even the good memories are better kept to ourselves. Besides, these comparisons with the ex not only hurt, they destroy trust. Comparing is something that cannot give you the feeling of satisfaction in any situation. Respect your husband. Love him, lead him and if it still doesn’t work out, then follow the last step.

If you avoid all relationship mistakes and still feel unhappy, you should pull the emergency brake

You have tried enough and endured enough.

You have also made enough compromises in your relationship and have been in some relationships, but the relationship thing brings you nothing but stress and unhappiness.

So it is probably time to pull the emergency brake on the relationship and take time to figure out your soul or the meaning of life.

Chances are that you will enjoy your solo journey for some time, build up to the best version of yourself and the right man in your life will come, period.

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How to exfoliate your face skin properly?

To exfoliate your face skin regularly is important to get a radiant complexion.

Everyone wishes to have a fair, fresh and younger-looking skin.

Excessive exposure to sun and accumulation of dust particles that are present in the environment badly damage the skin and it may lose its glow.

Proper care should be taken in order to keep it clean and maintain its natural shine.

And how to exfoliate your face skin correctly?

If you want to keep your skin radiant and smooth, exfoliation is the best way possible. If you are looking for some tips for doing skin exfoliation properly, we have got you covered.

There are different types of exfoliation and each is suitable for different skin types.  The main purpose is to enhance the skin.

Peeling removes the dead skin cells from the skin and stimulates the cell renewal for improved outcomes. Besides, it also helps to refine the complexion.

There are different types of peeling and some of these include Mechanical peeling, Enzyme peeling, and chemical peeling. Let’s take a look at these and see how beneficial these are for your skin.

Mechanical Peeling

For those who don’t know, this is the simplest and lightest kind of exfoliation and is also known as Microdermabrasion. It is very simple to do at home and you can get wonderful results using different kinds of peels. The aim is to get rid of dead skin cells and it will leave your skin fresh and glowing.

Different types of peels used include abrasive such as fruit seeds, olive kernel, apricot, sugar and salt crystals, fine sand and bamboo granulate.

It is better to use mechanical peeling in the evening as the skin would get sufficient time for recovery. Besides, the light abrasive used on the skin gives fruitful results by improving the skin as it helps in removing the stretch marks, scars, dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines.

One thing that you should remember to get better results is not to overuse mechanical peeling. The extensive use can cause extreme dryness and redness of the skin.

Moreover, not everything is suitable for all the skin types and therefore, you should be careful in the selection of peels.

to exfoliate your face skin mechanical - peeling with seeds, oats or salt and olive oil

For Sensitive Skin

In case, you have a sensitive skin, you should be more careful in the selection of exfoliators. Want to have a clearer complexion and fair skin? That’s not an impossible thing to attain. All you need to do is avoid certain ingredients that can be harmful.

If your skin is more prone to acne, extensive exfoliation can cause discoloration due to irritation and results in clogged pores and breakouts. Therefore, you should avoid the exfoliators containing a high concentration of acids, strong odors, alcohol, and substances that can clog the pores. All these can cause severe harm to your sensitive skin.

For all those with a sensitive skin, there are certain exfoliants to make your skin smooth and fresh without causing any harsh reactions. You can simply choose the exfoliators containing:

  • An anti-aging mix of enzymes
  • Fruit acids to exfoliate your face skin
  • Antioxidants

They form a perfect blend for clearing and toning your skin and even their regular use cannot cause any harm to the skin. In fact, they brighten up your skin, strengthen the outer layer of skin and assist in cell renewal to provide the best results.

Enzyme Peeling to exfoliate your face skin

Enzyme peeling is the best option for impure and super sensitive skins.

The enzyme activity efficiently removes the old cornification from the skin.

This is a bit intense yet gentle as it does not include scrubbing that can potentially cause irritation. Thus, for the impure and sensitive skins, enzyme peelings are the most appropriate option.

There are many of these available to be used at home and you can easily apply them to get the desired results and a clearer skin.

If you need a deeper exfoliation, you should consult a dermatologist and he/she would use the fruit acid peelings for better results. The aestheticians and dermatologists usually recommend the use of 20% acid content and it gives excellent results.

to exfoliate your face skin - professional microdermabrasion

Chemical Peeling

The strongest type of exfoliation is the chemical peeling. You should go to the experts and highly experienced professionals for this deepest exfoliation. This aggressive method involves skin burning and requires a long period of curing.

It improves the skin texture to a great extent and makes it smoother than ever before. The chemical peels used work to remove the outermost layer of skin and reveal the new, fresh and clear skin that gives a radiant outlook.

Besides, it assists in removal of age spots and scars, minimizes the wrinkles and fine lines and enhances the look of your skin. In short, this treatment results in the flawless and smooth skin. If it is done properly by a professional, it can lead to remarkable results.

Although this is an expensive option, the final results that it delivers are worth spending some money. Besides, being the strongest type, it is a bit painful too.

No doubt, chemical peeling is an effective method for making your skin smooth and spotless. But it is not suitable for all.

Particularly, if your skin is intolerant, hypersensitive or inflamed, the use of chemicals for exfoliation can cause severe damage. Similarly, it is advised not to try this during the stress phases and allergic periods.

Once you are done with the chemical peel treatment, you will experience different post-peel side effects. In order to tackle these in the best way possible, following are some helpful tips for you.

Be gentle with your skin

You should be very careful in touching your skin. If you are using any moisturizer or any other product, make sure you don’t rub your face.

Apply the products gently with a very soft touch. Besides, you should not use any sonic brushes or washcloths as the water can remove both the live and dead skin cells.

Don't forget to apply sunscreen

And please don’t forget to apply Sunscreen

The ultraviolet radiations are known to be very harmful to the skin. Particularly, after using the chemical peel, your skin is more prone to damage and therefore, you should be very careful.

Avoid sun exposure and always use some good quality sunscreen when you go