Coconut water – the perfect thirst quencher from the tropics

Coconut water is a well known perfect thirst quencher in the tropics and at the same time a perfect isotonic drink.

The young green coconut is cut with the machete and drunk with a straw. Very refreshing and really delicious!

In the meantime, the young coconuts are also available on the market, but most of the time you buy the tasty exotic water in a Tetra Pak or in a bottle.

But what is coconut water?

Inside the coconut is not, as many think, the coconut milk. It is coconut water, which is found inside the young, still green coconut. To get coconut water, it is important to harvest the fruits when they are young and green.

But the younger and more unripe the coconut is, the less flesh it contains. That means it also contains more coconut water.

Up to 17 fl oz of coconut water per nut can be expected. This can be tapped directly and freshly. This water has a sweet taste with a hint of coconut.

It tastes best chilled and is very suitable as a fresh thirst quencher.

The creamy coconut milk, on the other hand, is made from the very fatty nut flesh of the freshly harvested coconut. It is ideal for cocktails, for cooking and baking.

It is a gifted iso-drink for athletes with many vitamins

With 15 kilocalories per 3,38 us fl oz, it contains very few calories but plenty of valuable vital substances.

Coconut water is packed with minerals such as copper, magnesium and potassium, as well as vitamins and antioxidants. These nutrients alone make the exotic water an elixir that revives the spirits.

This tasty water is naturally isotonic and has an astonishingly high content of dissolved salts of about 0,008 oz per 3.52 fl oz, which is very good for athletes.
The isotonic properties are ideal for replenishing minerals and liquids.

What does isotonic mean?

Isotonic means: The ratio of nutrients to liquid corresponds approximately to that of human blood.

Furthermore, no additional and useless pollutants such as acidifiers, synthetic vitamins, artificial sweeteners and colorants, flavors and carbon dioxide are needed.

It naturally promotes the supply of electrolytes into the body and thus prevents dehydration.

It is  also a healthy thirst quencher

By balancing the electrolyte balance, blood pressure is regulated and thus high blood pressure is prevented.

This tropical soft drink is also acid-free and is generally well tolerated by people with a sensitive stomach.

It is also said to have the good property of protecting the liver and healing damaged liver cells thanks to antioxidants.

In case of diarrhoea, avoid dehydration thanks to the electrolytes.

It has even proved to be a wonderful treatment option for kidney stones. Who integrates coconut water firmly into its nutrition, can counteract the occurrence of kidney stones and other kinds of stones and deposits of poison materials in the body even effectively.

The metabolism is also stimulated by this drink, so that cell renewal is accelerated. This in turn provides smoother skin and shiny hair.

The result is a fresh complexion!

The skin is moisturized from the inside, improves blood circulation and can therefore radiate.

In addition to its moisturizing properties, coconut water has also special benefits.

Among other things, it also expels fungi, bacteria and viruses. So, a real shield against infections and skin diseases.

And it is also a natural anti-aging miracle!

Another great effect: coconut water counteracts the aging process of the skin.

The cytokinins are responsible for this. These are plant hormones that are found in increased amounts in coconut water. They stimulate cell division and thus strengthen the skin.

Coconut water – also a suitable remedy against hangovers

And if you have perhaps caught too much alcohol at a party, you can alleviate the effects of a hangover wonderfully with coconut water.
The exotic water replenishes the mineral and liquid reservoirs emptied by the alcohol.

Our conclusion is therefore more than obvious:

Coconut water is not only a natural, tropical and delicious refreshment drink, but also a blessing for health. Suitable for everyone and for all circumstances. Feel fitter and healthier by enjoying this tropical all-rounder.

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You shouldn’t have these things after you’re 40 – Fashionable youth sins

Fashionable youth sins – you should not have these things after you are 40!

You’re 40, you are in full bloom

You look great, you’re confident and you know exactly what you want. And that’s wonderful! And in view of fashionable events, you should, of course, emphasize your advantages. In other words, some clothes and accessories that looked cool and funny in our youth are now a thing of the past. So it won’t be embarrassing from a fashion point of view, we should just part with certain things now. We have briefly summarized which “youthful sins” and “it was so cheap” purchases, now no longer work.

And what you should not wear anymore despite a great and well-trained figure:

Super miniskirts and booty shorts

Feminine pencil skirt

They’re not really cute at 40! Even if you still feel adorably young and super fit. No matter how slim and well-trained your legs are, how firm your bottom is. Just because you can carry something doesn’t mean you should.

It just doesn’t look chic and the effect is always the same, the wrong men whistle at you and women with taste frown. Simply choose more sophisticated dresses, skirts or trousers that caress your feminine curves. For example, how about a pencil skirt. It looks super sexy and gives your fantasy a little more room and is all the more seductively. T-shirts with logo print

T-shirts with logo print

T-shirts with supposedly funny messages look a bit childish. We do not really need a shirt that speaks for us after 40 years. We can do that ourselves as well. And besides, we are not a walking advertising pillar. So let’s be fashionable but grown-up.

Handbags made of imitation leather

You should definitely invest a little money in a good bag. A high-quality real leather bag not only looks better, it also lasts much longer. It is always worthwhile to choose a classic variant. Classic leather bag and high heel sandals

Imitation leather shoes

And poorly crafted shoes. The quality of shoes definitely pays off. Both in terms of wearing comfort and appearance. Even shoes that look too clunky with platform soles with all kinds of wild adornments are far from being fashionably appropriate. Paint anything that smells too suspiciously like girlie fashion. There are many ingenious ways for women over 40 to show off their beautiful and well-shaped legs.

Acrylic Sweaters and Scarves – one of most fashionable youth sins

After wearing them two or three times, acrylic sweaters or scarves quickly look a little unattractive. They do not feel nice, flake and start to form small nodules. Besides, it is simply annoying to pluck the fluff out of the sweater and scarf every five minutes.

And quite honestly: noble materials are also flattering. You simply feel good in them.

Cheap and poorly fitting lingerie

With some women, you can see that they are equipped with a bra that does not fit well and does not fit well. Over time, the force of gravity decreases a little and it is precisely then that it is important to keep everything in the right place with the right underwear. Sometimes the bra shimmers darkly through the white blouse or you can see deeply cut straps. That just doesn’t look very nice! At the latest now the cheap bras have to go! You are not doing yourself the best favor if your cleavage looks unattractive. Even when it comes to your posture, the right bra makes a big difference. So start now at the latest with high-quality underwear and lingerie, because good lingerie is part of your outfit, your first layer. Beautiful underwear and the clothes worn over it thus complement each other perfectly to create a stylish outfit. Your feminine shapes and features are thus appropriately presented in the right light.

And you also feel beautiful yourself.

pretty dessous

Less is more

To avoid your fashionable youth sins keep in mind, it is no longer important to wear the largest or most eye-catching shiny ring. Fashion jewelry made of plastic and too much bling-bling a la Las Vegas is also too much of a good thing for a stylish woman over 40. Put your money on quality and not on quantity.

The rule is: less is more! Shine through minimalism.

fashionable youth sins

Latest trends

How good! Fortunately, we no longer have to follow every trend. If you didn’t look good at 20 in a lush frill dress, you probably won’t look good at 40 either. Think about your preferences and adjust your clothes to suit them.

The old dress size

Even if you have always worn size “S”, make sure that the garment fits well. No matter what size the label says. Sizes often differ.

Hair clips and cheap accessories

Multicolored hair accessories and colorful hair ties with bows and comic figures, headbands with plastic flowers and flower arrangements should be left to the young people. No business woman would wear such girlie hair accessories. Multicolored hair accessories

Nutrient-rich foundation and a serumCompact powder

Compact powder makes the skin look chalky, dry and old. Choose a nutrient-rich foundation and a serum that gives the skin a fresh kick. Also recommended for women over 40: Cream eyeshadow and cream rouge. This gives the skin a certain freshness and automatically makes it look younger.

And last but not least:

Don’t look so gloomy!

Of course we are not getting younger, but that does not mean that we have to look grim. You are beautiful and life is fun! Even with our little laugh lines. And don’t forget: Looking grimly causes the annoying vertical folds between the upper lip and the nose! For more inspiration:

Really good reasons why you should drink a glass of lemon water every morning

The lemon water is an old home and natural remedy. In folk medicine, it has long been used for the treatment of various ailments. Drinking lemon water has many benefits for your health, so many positive effects on your body and for this reason you should definitely integrate this morning ritual in your life.

Lemon water – how and when should you drink it ?

The preparation is very easy. All you have to do is add the juice of half or whole lemon (depending on taste and size of glass) to a glass of not too cold water. So, the water should not be too hot or too cold, so your body does not have to expend too much energy to get the drink to body temperature.

Important for people with sensitive teeth

The acid of the lemon could attack the tooth enamel. People with sensitive teeth or an attacked tooth substance should rinse their teeth and mouth with clear water after drinking the lemon water.

You should drink a glass of it every morning

If you are on the road and have no way to get a fresh lemon, you can also use a natural, pure lemon essential oil. As this oil is very concentrated, 1 – 2 drops of it in a glass of water are sufficient. The effect of lemon water on your body is so diverse and so positive. Try it out right now and let it convince you.

The benefits of lemon water

It supports digestion

The lemon juice improves digestion, helps with heartburn and feeling of fullness. In addition, every morning he moves your intestines and also stimulates the gallbladder.

Lemon water cleanses the liver

By drinking lemon water, more enzymes are formed in the body that allow your body to purify itself and flush out the toxins. Likewise, the lemon juice acts as a diuretic and keeps in this way the urinary tract of toxins and bacteria free. Very helpful also for people who often have bladder infections.

This delicious citrus drink makes the body alkaline

Although the lemon tastes sour, it is one of the most alkaline foods ever. According to nutrition science, our food should consist of 70% alkaline foods, because too many acids cause inflammation in our body. Also overweight and other serious diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s are caused by too much acid in our body. Among other things, the ingredients of lemon have the ability to release uric acid from the joints. Uric acid is also one of the main causes of inflammation in the body.

And it has anti-cancer properties

Cancer cells feel comfortable in an acidic environment. As I said, the lemon is alkaline and thus you can prevent the cancer cells from growing and from the outset also reducing the risk of getting cancer. Studies have shown that cancer can not thrive at a high pH (alkaline). The very alkaline lemon juice thus has anti-cancer properties.

Lemon water helps to reduce weight

Lemon water alone is not a weight loss miracle, but it can help you achieve faster and longer-lasting results. The lemon contains pectin, which suppresses your cravings, so, a natural appetite suppressant. In addition, the metabolism and your digestion is stimulated.

Most noteworthy is, that it improves brain performance and helps with depression

The lemon water is rich in potassium and magnesium. This in turn shows positive effects on the health of the brain and nerves. Anxiety, depression and stress are often associated with low levels of potassium in the blood. Lemon water can give you a boost and more mental clarity. An ideal drink for students and people with stressful jobs.

This perfect drink lowers even the blood pressure

A daily glass of lemon water helps to lower high blood pressure and clean the blood vessels and arteries.

Another great side effect, lemon water gives us energy

Lemon water is an energy booster and can directly improve your mood!

Fresh lemon squash hydrogenates your body

Lemon is full of electrolytes that provide your body with calcium, magnesium and potassium. In the summer months, when it is very hot, you have to see that the body is sufficiently hydrated. Only to drink still water is sometimes very boring and one then drinks too little. Mix a little bit of lemon juice in the water and it tastes much better. Of course you can drink the lemon water not only in the morning, but also throughout the day.

And it also strengthens the immune system

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, which strengthens your immune system and prevents flu and colds.

And above all, this drink reduces inflammation

For respiratory infections, sore throats and inflamed tonsils, the high anti-inflammatory properties of lemon are very effective. You take the juice of a squeezed lemon in a larger cup and pour with hot water. The drink should then drink as warm as possible.

Furthermore, it makes beautiful and pure skin

These citrus fruits are rich in antioxidants that prevent free radical damage. Free radicals are responsible for premature skin aging. Vitamin C cleanses the skin and helps maintain skin elasticity. It also prevents wrinkles and reduces skin impurities. It ensures a radiant complexion.

And last but not least, lemons refreshes the breath

Lemons refresh the breath and fight bacteria in the mouth. But, never drink the juice undiluted. The citric acid could attack the enamel. For more inspiration:

Relationship – what keeps you alive?

What is it that keeps our relationship alive? A really good question.

A long relationship is so valuable

Pursuing a long-term relationship with your partner is by far one of the blissful things that you can experience in your life. The idea of being in a relationship with someone that you have known for a long time, and taking it to a next level could be intriguing, exciting or, even, nerve-racking—it requires your partner and you to take initiatives to keep your relationship alive. You should follow the given initiatives to experience a long-term relationship with your partner, and how you can keep your relationship alive and fresh. Even when you have been with your partner for a considerable amount of time.

So necessary for your relationship – openness for change

To pursue a long-term relationship with your partner, you are often required to welcome an unrequited change in your life to help your relationship with your partner grow and prosper exponentially. You should not experience change as threatening, and you should be familiar with your boundaries when it comes to welcoming a change in your life. Adjusting yourself to a change should not deprive you of your integrity, and it should be based on how your partnership can improve in the long run. Older couple doing Yoga together

Mutual appreciation

If you are involved in a long-term relationship, you should practice mutual appreciation with your partner. Practice the elements that prove to be crucial in strengthening your partner’s self-confidence. Allow your partner to grow as an individual. The act of mutual appreciation also helps you to promote health in your partnership, which is an important prerequisite for any couple entering a long-term relationship.

Show interest in your partner

The majority of couples tend to lose confidence in their relationship when one partner no longer shows interest in the other partner. Find out what your partner finds most attractive about you, what he likes most about you. And it is precisely this characteristic that you should strengthen in order to reawaken your partner’s interest in you. People with self-interest are open to new ideas, this motivates them and keeps them moving. If you also have new ideas and interests and bring them into your connection, then your partner will certainly appreciate that. Show interest in your partner - good for your relationship

Have fun with your partner

You should refrain from adding a serious and monotonous tonality to your relationship, Please do not let your partnership become so serious and monotonous. Just have fun together. Also take part in activities that would help you to get closer to your partner. You should also fool around and make jokes with your partner to maintain a healthy and long-term connection with him. You can also watch a movie or read a comic book together. Or paint a picture together. Just have a good time together. You should do things that allow you to have fun with your partner. It brings lightness and happiness into your relationship – and that’s what makes it so nice! Couple having fun together

Arguing – also an important part

If your partner and you are not involved in the argumentation or are confronted with a conflict, then your relationship probably lacks depth. In any case, it should be dealt with immediately. Arguing with your partner is part of a living relationship, and it means that your connection is healthy and solid. Although sometimes it takes some arguments to determine where your relationship stands at any given moment. However, you should be careful with your words and deeds when arguing with your partner. And very important: refrain from attacking your partner personally, this would damage the integrity of a relationship. An argument with your partner has nothing to do with disrespect. So never be vulgar, cynical, violent or vicious towards your partner. An argument or disagreement should be conducted in a healthy way. Arguing with your partner is part of a living relationship

Expressing criticism 

If you want your partnership with your spouse to flourish and prosper, you should make an unyielding effort to offer constructive criticism of your partner. Never hesitate to say what you find most disturbing about your partner. The truth is that your partner may not always know what is bothering or hurting you. For this reason you should express your thoughts to your partner without hesitation. Such a change can stimulate the growth of the relationship you share with your partner. It would also help you to grow as a couple and also as individuals.

Sexuality is a very important point – it keeps the relationship alive

In a long-term partnership you should focus on stimulating your sexuality to keep your connection alive and healthy. It proves to be beneficial if you are attracted to each other and also if lust and passion ignite between you. This helps your relationship, because this way you can grow together as a couple. For example, if you have no respect or longing for your partner, you could probably lose desire for him or her. If you feel a lack of sexual desire in your partnership, you should communicate with your partner that you miss it. And if you have difficulty experiencing sensuality with your partner, you should work together to find solutions to rekindle your sexual desire for your partner. Sexuality is a very important point - it keeps the relationship alive

Do not lose the language 

Of course it can happen, and it is no wonder that a couple in a long-term relationship can lose communication. But please make sure you change that again. It can seriously damage your connection to each other. You should never lose the language and communication with your partner. Dare to openly express your feelings for each other, even if you have been together for a long time. Practice verbal and non-verbal language with your partner. This will help you express your affection, compliments and appreciation for your partner. You should also think about your life together as a couple and occasionally remember your relationship to maintain the spark and intensity of the connection. Flying hearts

Be yourself in your relationship

Sometimes you get lost in a long-term relationship. You change unconsciously to please your partner. But this is exactly what your partner does not want in the long run. After all, you are an independent person and your partner got to know you as such at one point. Often one loses the perception about oneself, or it is lost through a longer process. You should always be yourself and stand by your feelings. Never fake your feelings just to please your partner. If you are not content with yourself, it could also affect your partnership in the long-term. Be yourself in your relationship

Do you also have your own interests

You should not rigidly adhere to patterns and rules of conduct to please your partner. Loosen up!. And do something on your own for once. If you bring new impressions with you, this will also take your partnership to another level. Do something unconventional and crazy and test your limits and those of your partner. You should also not concentrate too much on your relationship. While it is important to give your relationship enough importance and attention, if you focus too much on it, you may be deprived of the vitality of your precious treasure. This could possibly affect the potential of your relationship in the long run. For more inspiration:

Travel outfit – How do I dress fashionably on long air travel?

The right travel outfit. On long flights you want to be dressed as comfortable as possible, so that feels good and the flight is as pleasant as possible.

And yet you want to look great and stylish. Is that possible? But yes, that works!

Celebrities always look so stylish when traveling. No wonder, the paparazzi lurking everywhere between check-in and security lock. We can do what the celebrities can do!

We’ve picked some great ideas for a stylish travel outfit

The make-up should rather be a bit more discreet and the clothes sit comfortably and casually. So do not thunder too much, because that just seems lifted.

The right top for a perfect travel outfit

Perfect for the aviator is the onion look. Not only that, it sometimes gets warm on board and then gets cold again – even at the destination there are often different temperatures than at the departure point.

Super-stylish: a casual shirt with sleeves, maybe even the classic with stripes !? That would be a perfect base for your travel outfit.

Over it a cardigan or cardigan made of wool or cashmere or a casual oversize blazer. So you can get dressed and dressed as needed. This is super comfortable and looks great too.

For your travel outfit –  choose muted colors

Muted colors, such as blue, gray, black, white, cream or olive green, which is not only good for the eyes. These colors can also be combined well with each other.

Maybe that will upgrade to the business class.

Selection of travel outfit

The perfect pants

The best solution for long-haul flights are Chinos and loose pants. They look good to everything, are correct and yet casual. But should it rather be the jeans, please pay attention: they should have a stretch share and not too tight, so they are still reasonably comfortable.

Please keep your hands off of training pants, they never look very stylish!
And: skirts and dresses can be worn on holiday all day long

The matching shoes

Perfect for flying are loafers or flats made of leather. They look elegant and you can easily get in and out. Even lighter boots, which are easy to put on and take off, are very good. Sneakers are also very comfortable. But the best is a simple white model. They are super stylish and look great on any outfit! Even in the business class. So, a perfect companion for your travel outfit.

Important: the shoes should not be too tight, because the feet swell on longer flights.

A casual headgear

A cool hat or a baseball cap is essential in your hand luggage.

Mostly, the hairstyle is a bit destroyed after a long flight and then a nice hat is the salvation. Or you need some privacy, then you can pull your baseball cap deep in the face. If necessary, can also replace the sleeping goggles.

Woman with Heat and sunglasses

A cuddly scarf or cloth (made of cashmere or wool) and thick socks

A flier can quickly get icy cold. So you do not freeze or even catch a cold:Thick knit socks that warm your feet and take a cozy (cashmere) scarf or cloth on board.

The cloth can also be used as a pillow or blanket.

Further little helpers

Such as  SOS change of linen

Why? After such a long eight-hour flight, the need for fresh linen can ever be correspondingly large, and sometimes even a small unforeseen accident can happen and the tomato juice, the coffee milk or the chicken curry lands on the clothing.

With changing clothes, this is not a problem.

SOS - little helpers for your travel outfit


Be sure to bring a pair of sunglasses in the cabin. It can hide the eye shadow and our eyes can slowly get used to the sun.


A few pretty stud earrings or a necklace or a striking bangle, that’s enough.

Because too much jewelry could be a great test of patience at the security check for you and the other passengers.

In addition, less is more!

So then,

Toy - airplane made of wood

Have a good flight!

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8 things that make you immediately more sympathetic

Eight things that make you immediately more sympathetic – and we will show you how:

Sympathetic – what is that?

When you find someone sympathetic, it means nothing else but that you feel an affection for a person on a spiritual level.

This feeling of affection arises from certain similarities which two people discover in each other.

Similarities, such as hobbies, similar attitudes, tastes and habits. That connects. This gives the person a feeling of familiarity and one is immediately sympathetic to each other.

And have you only just got to know each other and not yet found any common ground?

Even with very brief encounters, a feeling of sympathy or dislike quickly develops in us humans.

This can be caused by superficial characteristics such as posture, expression, facial expressions and gestures.

We can already see in the first few seconds of the encounter how the other person behaves towards us and conclude from this his character.

These very first seconds decide, exaggeratedly said, about ” friend ” or ” enemy”.

Often we can’t even explain to ourselves why a certain person is sympathetic to us.

Are there certain characteristics that make a person sympathetic?

If you ask people what they find endearing, in most cases positive qualities such as humor, honesty and helpfulness are listed.

Simply everything that makes people feel good or simply brings a smile to their face makes them sympathetic.

Radiate optimism.

People like to surround themselves with positive people because optimism is transferred to them. With a negative charisma, one is quickly perceived as strenuous and as an energy robber.

In order to win someone over, you should rely on naturalness.

After all, an acted laugh, exalted gestures and facial expressions and a dramatic choice of words probably fit more into a theatre than into a normal conversation.

This also includes an honest interest in the person opposite.

This can be achieved, for example, through interested enquiries. And very quickly the other person notices that someone is actually interested in them, their opinions and views.

Perhaps commonalities are discovered and this in turn creates a feeling of connection and trust.

And how do I become more sympathetic?

If you are not sure how to show sympathy, the following eight tips should help you become more sympathetic to other people.

Call your conversation-partner by name – that will make you more sympathetic

If you self-conscience moves you to exhibit a sympathetic behavior towards someone you know, you should address them by their names, when engaging in a conversation with them.

Already speak to the other at the welcome by the name, the name is an important part of the personality, esteem, many are impressed, if one makes the effort to remember the name.

It creates an impression that you are here for them, and it helps them to open their hearts to you.

To be more sympathetic - call your conversation-partner by name

Show honest interest

If someone has chosen you as the person they can trust and express their feelings, you should show genuine interest in their conversation, utterances and gestures.

Meet this person in a natural way.
Be friendly and open.

Actively listen to the thoughts and answers of your counterpart and remember what he says. Ask questions without interrupting your conversation partner in the middle of a sentence.

Give your counterpart the feeling of being important.

This is one of the techniques for arousing sympathy in others.

Ask for small favors

If you are considering becoming a more sympathetic towards someone that you know, should ask for a little friendship services from them, and you should ask for small favors to build a rapport with them.

It gives them the impression that you want to enter their personal space to help them with their concerns, and it also blossoms a friendship between you and them.

To touch once in while – show affection to be sympathetic

A certain number of studies show that maintaining a light and graceful physical contact with someone creates a cordial connection with them, and it also brings out your sympathetic side to them.

When doing so, you should not push on intrusive but, gentle and unobtrusive on the upper arm. A light touch on the arm or shoulder of a person promotes mutual trust between two individuals.

To touch once in while - show affection to be sympathetic

To admit small weaknesses openly

If you approach someone with a sympathetic mind, you should refrain from giving the person spasmodic and well-meant advice.

Such behavior may intimidate the person and prevent them from opening up to you.

It would also create a distance between the two of you.

If you think the person is vulnerable and unwilling to open up, you should have a warm-up conversation with them and build up a sympathetic dynamic towards them.

And also like to show your own little weaknesses.

Nobody is perfect!

This creates a connection between the two of you and helps them to open up to you.

Keep calm in case of conflict

If you want to contribute to the well-being of an environment, you should remain calm and composed in case of conflict.

If possible, remain confident even in difficult situations.

And if someone is angry, please do not scold back uncontrollably.

Stay as objective and calm as possible.

Try to handle the situation with a relaxed mind.

Keep calm and smile

Adapted but authentic

When you engage in a conversation with a person, you should exhibit adaptable behavior that is still responsive to the tone and spirit of the conversation.

It should be authentic and genuine.

You should refrain from showing false and pretended behavior to a person you are approaching.

Just be ” yourself”. Stay authentic.

Keep eye contact with the person you are talking to. This is also very important in order to appear sympathetic to the other person.

Mirroring and pacing, that means you should adjust your posture, speaking rate and expression to the other person in order to establish a relationship with him/her – this creates equality and sympathy.

Sympathetic confident woman

Be at peace with yourself

What could be a better way to be sympathetic other than being at peace with yourself?

It is no wonder that great charisma comes from inner satisfaction.

Everyone has a bad day and is not happy with themselves, but still be nice to you and smile…

Hearts can be conquered faster when you have closed yourself to the heart.

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