Delicious punch and mulled wine recipes for cold winter days

Especially on cold winter days we love a cup of delicious punch and mulled wine to warm us up.

The popular hot drink originally comes from India, where the punch was traditionally prepared from arrack, sugar, lemon and water or tea flavored with spices. Usually punch recipes are based on ingredients such as red wine, white wine, cider or juices.

Please always make sure that the delicious punch and mulled wine on the stove is only heated and does not begin to cook, otherwise the alcohol and the aromas evaporate. And that would be really sad. If delicious punch and mulled wine recipes contain oranges or lemons, it is better to use untreated organic fruits.

We have selected the best classic recipes for delicious punch and mulled wine for you here, because homemade punch simply tastes best. And they’re all really easy to make.

Delicious apple punch

This recipe with naturally cloudy apple juice and delicious Christmas spices shows how delicious a punch can be without alcohol.

Ingredients for 6 portions

1 organic orange
1 piece fresh ginger
33.8 fl.oz apple juice naturally cloudy
1 stick of cinnamon
1 star anise
2 cloves


Rinse orange with hot water, rub dry and peel thinly with a peeler. Peel the ginger and cut into thin slices.
Place apple and orange juice with peeled orange peel, ginger, cinnamon, star anise and cloves in a suitable pot and bring to the boil. Remove the pot from the heat and let the punch steep for at least 30 minutes.
Then pour the punch through a fine sieve and heat again if necessary.
Serve immediately or fill a thermos flask to go.

delicious Apgle Punch

Tasty cranberry punch

Delicious with or without alcohol

Ingredients per glass

5,1 fl.oz. cranberry nectar
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 cloves
1/4 stick cinnamon
1/2 organic orange
1,4 fl.oz. rum


Boil the cranberry nectar together with the brown sugar, cloves and cinnamon stick in a suitable pot. Remove the pot from the heat and leave to stand for 30 minutes.
Squeeze out the orange with the citrus press and stir in the juice. You can refine the punch with rum as you like – but it also tastes very good as “children’s punch”.
Serve your punch with fresh cranberries and a fresh orange slice.

tasty Cranberry Punch

Classic red mulled wine

For this simple mulled wine recipe you wish it was always Christmas!

Ingredients for 33,8 fl.oz. mulled wine

25,4 fl.oz. strong red wine
8,5 fl.oz. juice of freshly squeezed blood oranges or apple juice
2 cinnamon sticks
3 cloves
1 star anise
4 pimento grains
1 organic orange


Wash the organic orange thoroughly with warm water and cut into 0.20in thick slices.
Place the red wine, juice and spices and the orange slices in a large pot and heat slowly, but do not bring to the boil.
Let the mulled wine simmer in the pot for 15 minutes on a low flame until it has developed its full aroma.
Now pour the mulled wine into the prepared mugs and serve hot.

Tip: Please do not season the mulled wine too much, otherwise it will quickly produce an inedible result.

delicious mulled wine

White mulled wine

White mulled wine is a tasty alternative to the old classic with red wine and super-light to the DIY

Ingredients for 6 glasses

2,7 fl.oz. white wine (best a dry wine)
8,5 fl.oz. apple juice
3 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
2 star anise
3 tbsp sugar
1 organic orange


Wash the orange, cut into slices and then fill 1-2 slices each into the prepared punch or mulled wine glasses.
Then slowly heat the white wine together with the apple juice, the spices and the sugar in a pot.
However, the white mulled wine should not boil, since the alcohol starts to evaporate from 78 degrees.
Finally, remove the larger spices from the pot and pour the white mulled wine into the prepared glasses.

Be careful when adding sugar! Sugar in alcohol can quickly give you a headache!

delicious mulled wine white with orange slices

Although these drinks are not punch and mulled wine, they are also enjoyed on cold winter days.

Egg Nog – a good alternative to a delicious punch and mulled wine

was once a drink of the English upper class in London. At that time, when cooling wasn’t taken for granted, milk and eggs were something very special, as was brandy. The drink spread from England to America. In the countryside the ingredients were abundant and rum was used instead of brandy.

Ingredients for 12 portions

6 eggs
16,9 fl.oz. liquid cream
8,5 fl.oz. milk
4,4 oz. sugar
4,2 fl.oz. brown rum
3,4 fl.oz. whiskey
3,4 fl.oz. brandy
1 vanilla pod or vanilla aroma
some freshly grated nutmeg


Separate the eggs and put the egg white aside. Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise and scrape out the vanilla pulp with a teaspoon. Stir the egg yolks with cream, milk, sugar and vanilla pulp until the sugar has dissolved.
Beat the egg whites until stiff and fold into the egg yolk mixture. Next carefully stir in the alcohol.
Now put the Egg Nog in the fridge and let it steep for a few hours.
Sprinkle with freshly grated nutmeg to serve.
Egg Nog can be drunk cold or warm. Egg Nog is best warmed in a water bath.

Tip: If you want the Egg Nog a little less strong, you can of course use only one type of alcohol or less alcohol.

tasty Egg Nog

Incredible hot chocolate with marshmallows

A delicious drink without alcohol and homemade in only 10 minutes!

Ingredients for 4 portions

16,9 fl.oz. milk
3,4 fl.oz. cream
1 cinnamon stick
3,5 oz. dark chocolate
1,1 oz. small marshmallows
1 tsp cinnamon


Heat the milk together with the cream and the cinnamon stick in a pot. Finely chop the chocolate with a large knife or a food processor and add to the milk, stirring until it dissolves in the milk. Remove the cinnamon stick.
Put 8 marshmallows aside, chop the rest and add to the chocolate, stirring until everything dissolves.
Whisk the chocolate with a blender and then divide into cups.
To garnish, place the retained marshmallows on the cups filled with chocolate, sprinkle with a little cinnamon and enjoy immediately.

delicious hot Chocolate with Marshmellows

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13 Compliments for men – sentences he likes to hear

Some men shower us with compliments – and far too seldom do we return the favor. But also men loves to get compliments and admiration from us from time to time. Even the supposedly strong sex enjoys loving and appreciative words when it gets the feeling of being loved, appreciated and respected. Give your loved one  nice compliments more often – of course the right choice of words is also important. These compliments may be simple, but their meaning is very large. You’ll be amazed at the effect

Thank you

Is your husband dragging the heavy shopping bags, cooking, vacuuming the dust or bringing the coffee to your bed unasked? We shouldn’t overlook these little gestures. Remember to show him a little “thank you” on a regular basis. Show him that these attentions are not self-evident for you. And besides, if we thank him regularly for something, men will do something for us again much sooner. Flirting couple

I love you – one of the very best compliments ever

This makes the hardest man melt when his partner confesses his love for him. Men love to hear you love them. They also like hugs, kisses and cuddles. Even a well-formulated text message works. Love message

I want you

Give your husband a compliment in the morning, how hot you find him and offer him a tingling adventure in the evening. Or send him a little message during the day that you can’t wait to have him with you afterwards. How much do you think he likes coming home in the evening? Because there are moments when men want nothing better than for the first step to come from us. So you show him that you feel attracted to him. Couple holding each others hands

I respect you

Men love to be admired and respected by the people they like, like friends, colleagues and their family. But most important to them is the respect of their partner. And that with all her weaknesses and preferences. Couple - she gives him compliments

I’m proud of you

The self-confidence of men increases when they approach the goals they have set for themselves, be it in the job or in the sporting field. When they get the support of their partner, they feel taken seriously and valued. Marathon runner crosses the finish line

More compliments – great, how you did it

Every man thinks he’s a skilled craftsman. If you tell him that and honestly mean it, you give your husband a good feeling and he feels encouraged to try himself out further. Man fixes the sink

I trust you

A little jealousy shows interest, but too much shows lack of trust and hurts the partner. This makes him insecure and withdraws. Give him the feeling that you trust him. This strengthens the relationship and brings new security. She kisses him - she adores him

You’re the best

Use superlatives! “Our sex is simply madness”, give him the feeling that he makes you happy! Your husband will float on clouds. You’re welcome to give him more compliments like that. You won’t regret it. Happy couple

I stand by you

A difficult task, the boss makes trouble or the buddy stresses… Strengthen your partner’s back and tell him clearly that you are fully committed to him and that he can fully rely on you. older couple giving each other compliments

I feel so safe with you

You’re flattering his protective instinct. The compliment shows him that he radiates strength, security and sovereignty. Wow. Couple on Bicycle having fun

You can tell me anything

Many men prefer to worry about themselves and seek solitude to think about things or distract themselves. Or it’s just embarrassing to show them feelings. Make it clear to him that he will always find an open ear with you when he is ready to talk and has nothing to be ashamed of. But very important: Don’t go directly to the ceiling when he opens up to you! Pretty woman

You make me happy

Are you happy in your relationship? Even if your first infatuation has already subsided and you have been together for some time. Appreciate your common happiness. Tell him when he makes you happy. Happy couple in nature with Bicycles

You look great

We always like to hear that when our partner finds us attractive. Does he regularly go to strength training and eat more consciously? Men also enjoy praise for their appearance and compliments serve as a reward for hard work and motivation to continue. You look so good! How you phrase the compliments exactly is of course up to you. Each couple ticks differently and each communicates in its own way. The best compliment, however, is a very individual one that you can’t give to anyone else. Does he have a lovable characteristic from which you are all over the place? Tell him, provided it’s honest. If you like to read more like this:

Delicious and healthy soup recipes for autumn and winter

Autumn and winter is soup time!

There is hardly anything more beautiful than a plate of tasty and warm soup when it gets cold and uncomfortable outside.

And these soups are not only healthy, but also incredibly tasty!

Therefore we have put together a few tasty recipes, which are easy to cook and require no special equipment.

All you need, apart from pots and knives and the usual cooking equipment, is a hand blender.

These are our 3 favorite recipes:

Sweet potato soup

Ingredients for 4 portions:

3 medium sized sweet potatoes, diced
2 leeks, cleaned and cut into rings
1 can chick peas, drained
33.81 floz vegetable broth
6.76 floz white wine
2 tbsp butter
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 onion, finely diced
1 laurel leaf
1/2 tsp chili powder

In order to prepare our soup nicely, we still need to serve:

2 tbsp butter
4 tbsp cashews
4 tbsp cream fraiché
sea salt

And now we do the Preparation:

Initially put the butter in a large saucepan and steam, stirring garlic, leek, onions and sweet potatoes. Add the white wine and then the vegetable broth. After this add the laurel leaf and chili and simmer for 25 minutes at low heat.
Take half of the vegetables out of the pot and park them in a bowl.
Puree the rest of the pot, add the the cooked vegetables set aside and the chickpeas.
So, now the soup is ready.
After this you can roast the cashew nuts in a pan with butter and sprinkle with sea salt.
Finally serve the soup in plates with the cashew nuts and a spoonful of cream fraiché.

Tasty vegetable soup

Pumpkin-carrot soup with chili and ginger

Ingredients for 4 portions:

21.12 oz  pumpkin, diced
7.04 oz carrots, peeled and sliced
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1.05 oz ginger, peeled and finely diced
2 chillies, seeded and finely chopped
1 tbsp butter
6.76 floz white wine
10.14 floz vegetable broth
1 cup of cream
1/2 tsp salt
1 lemon, grated rind, to taste
1 pair of fresh basil leaves, cut into fine strips
1 pinch of sugar (liquid sweetener)
3 spritzers Worcester sauce
freshly grated nutmeg
salt and pepper

Let`s start with the Preparation:

Let the onion, ginger and chili sweat lightly in a pot with the butter. Add the pumpkin and the carrots and possibly some more butter.
Then add the white wine and let it boil down a little.
Now pour in the vegetable broth, add some salt and let the soup boil for 20 minutes on low to medium heat.
After this add the cream and puree everything with a hand blender.
Now season the soup with Worcester sauce, sugar, lemon zest, a little freshly grated nutmeg, salt and pepper and add the basil leaves cut into strips to arrange the soup in the plates.

Potato-kale soup with bacon

Ingredients for 4 portions:

8 slices of smoked, streaky bacon
10.56 oz leek, cleaned and cut into fine rings
1 stick of celery, washed and cut into fine slices
21.12 oz potatoes (floury), peeled and diced
21.12 oz kale, wash and stalk-free and cut into fine strips
42.26 floz chicken broth
freshly grated nutmeg

Now let`s start with the Preparation:

First fry the bacon in a pot until crispy while turning. When the bacon is nicely crispy fried you can take it out of the pan again.
Next, add the potatoes, the celery and the leek to the bacon fat and cook for 5 minutes stirring.
Extinguish the vegetables with the broth. Bring to the boil briefly and then simmer for 15 minutes at medium heat.
Season the soup with salt and a little nutmeg.
Now add the finely chopped cabbage strips to the soup and bring to the boil again and cook for another 12 minutes.
Finally, season the soup with salt and pepper, arrange it nicely in plates and crumble the fried bacon over it.

Do you prefer the soup a little more creamy?
Puree the soup before adding the cabbage and dilute with some broth if necessary.

Have fun preparing the soup and enjoy your meal!

Here you can find more information:

Homemade face masks – super simple and great recipes

Homemade face masks – super simple and great recipes, a small wellness program for your home. A mini vacation for your skin.

Take a little distance from stressful everyday life and do something good for yourself and your skin.

Just take a look in the refrigerator and you will find the right ingredients for fresh, natural and homemade face masks, which is usually produced in a few minutes and costs only a few cents per application.

These could be fruits, avocados and vegetables, quark, ( a good alternative is a greek yogurt) eggs, honey and much more. The list of ingredients for homemade masks sometimes reads almost like a recipe.

It is very important that the ingredients are fresh, so you should mix the ingredients just before applying the mask. Mixed masks should also not be kept in the fridge for longer than 24 hours.

Before applying the mask, your face should be thoroughly cleansed and free of fats so that it can unfold its full effect.

When applying the mask, please make sure that you leave out sensitive areas such as the eye area.

Homemade Face masks work best if you relax a little during the application time. Maybe even in the bathtub. The rising water vapor make the mask work even better.

Afterwards you care for your skin as usual with your normal care.

Have fun trying out the facial masks recipes!

Face masks for a fresh complexion with papaya and avocado


3,5 oz papaya
1 tsp Honey
1 egg yolk
1 tsp olive oil
1/2 avocado

Puree the avocado and papaya finely and mix in the other ingredients. Then apply the mixture to your face with a fan brush and let the mask work for 15 minutes. Then remove the residue with a cosmetic tissue and rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Papaya, a perfekt ingredient for homemade face masks

Face masks for dry skin with cocoa


1/3 cup dark, strongly deoiled cocoa powder
1/4 cup liquid honey
3 tbsp cream
2 tbsp oatmeal

Mix all ingredients in a clean bowl to a creamy paste.
Apply this paste to your cleansed face and let this mask work for 15 minutes. Then carefully wipe it off with a tissue and wash off with lukewarm water.

Cocoa Powder face masks for dry skin

Face masks for soft skin with yoghurt and honey


5 tbsp natural yoghurt
1 tbsp honey

Just mix the yogurt with the honey and spread the mass on your face. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, then remove with a tissue. Your skin will feel softer and radiant.
Yogurt not only tastes delicious, it is also a true beauty elixir just like honey.

Face masks with yogurt and honey for smooth skin

Anti-wrinkle face masks with carrots

Don’t be afraid! This mask will not turn your face carrot yellow. Rather, it cares for your skin beautifully, because carrots contain provitamin A and vitamin E – two real skin vitamins whose antioxidant effect protects against premature skin aging.


1 large carrot
1 orange
1 tbsp honey

Grate the peeled carrots into fine rasp. Then add the juice of the squeezed orange and puree both with a hand blender. Finally mix the honey into this mush. Now apply the mixture with the fan brush to your cleansed face and let the mask work for 20 minutes. Then take it off again with a cosmetic tissue and rinse the remains off your face with lukewarm water.

Tip: When washing off your face, use alternating cold and warm water to intensify the firming effect.

Orange and fresh carrots

Face masks against large pores


2 tbsp quark or greek yogurt
1 tsp fresh lemon juice

Mix both ingredients and apply the mask to your face with a fan brush. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.
The acidity of the lemons narrows the pores, making the skin appear finer and more even.

greek yogurt and lemon for a treatment against large pores

Fruity face masks with strawberries


5 fresh, medium-sized strawberries
1 tsp cream or yoghurt
2 tsp honey

Squeeze the strawberries in a small bowl with a fork
Then add the honey and cream (for dry skin) or yoghurt (for oily skin), mix well and apply the mask with a fan brush. After 15 minutes, remove the mask with a tissue and rinse the rest with lukewarm water.
The tasty red fruits contain tannins that have an astringent effect, thus the pores contract. Oily skin particularly benefits from this. Flavonoids are also found in strawberries, these plant active ingredients counteract premature skin aging.

strawberries for fruity face masks

Facial masks for impure skin with tomatoes


2 tomatoes
1 tsp honey

Cut the tomatoes top and bottom crosswise with a small kitchen knife and place them in boiling water for 20 seconds. Scare them off briefly with cold water. Now you can peel off the skin. Puree the tomatoes with a hand blender and mix in the honey. Now apply the mask to your cleansed face with a fan brush and let it work for 10 minutes. Then rinse off the remains with lukewarm water.
The fruit acid of the tomatoes helps to remove dead skin cells and the honey has an antiseptic and wound healing effect. The ingredients complement each other perfectly for the fight against pimples and blackheads.

fresh tomatoes

Masks for the freshness kick occasionally

Ingredients :

1 egg white
1 dash of fresh lemon juice

Beat the protein until foamy and add a few drops of lemon juice. Now apply the mask with the fan brush to your cleansed face and let it work for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off your face with lukewarm water. Your skin now feels nice and fresh. The egg pads up small wrinkles and has a generally refreshing effect on the complexion.
This mask is an effect varnish and has no lasting effect. However, it is ideal before an important appointment or when the night was too short.

Face masks for the freshness kick with egg-white

Note for allergy sufferers:

If you have a food allergy to certain ingredients, first try your mask on a small area of skin, for example on the back of your hand. If there is a reaction, be careful.

For more information:

Daily stretching exercises that help us avoid pain and stay flexible

Daily stretching exercises will help us to avoid pain and stay flexible into old age. Due to our sedentary lifestyle, because we usually sit too much and move too little, we unfortunately often suffer from muscle aches, such as neck and shoulder tension. The problem, painkillers and ointments relieve the pain but do not fight it. Muscle stretching is one of the most effective ways to prevent and treat pain. Daily stretching gives the body energy, provides blood circulation, prevents muscle stiffness and relieves muscle pain. The muscles become more flexible and supple and you become more flexible. In addition, stretching promotes physical, mental and spiritual relaxation, has a calming and relaxing effect.

We should always take some time for stretching daily

During stretching, individual muscles or entire muscle groups are held for a few seconds of stretching. This means that the stretching posture is kept static. So never make hectic movements or stretch injured muscles. This could lead to serious damage.

How important is the breathing during the stretching

Breathing during stretching is very important and it is half the workout. With the breathing you can conjure up a few more centimeters of stretch and soon your body will be able to do much more. A calm, steady and conscious breathing triggers relaxation in your body, as mind and body connect. Through this deep relaxation you achieve maximum flexibility and your muscles can release the tension. And with time, you can also expand your range of movement with more flexibility.

Breathing consciously – how does that work?

Conscious breathing also needs some practice: Try to focus on that in your stretching exercises. Breathe calmly and evenly during each exercise, no matter how strenuous it is. Try to breathe down to your stomach to perform really deep and relaxed breaths. As you exhale, try to consciously relax your stretched muscle. Try to release the tension to get deeper into the stretching. Avoid press breathing, especially during flexibility training or active exercises. Pressurized breathing can raise your blood pressure and make it difficult for you to do it yourself. Your training will be more strenuous and your muscle will not be able to relax!

10 daily stretching exercises for more mobility

Neck relaxation

The exercise: Position yourself hip-width, your feet point slightly outwards, your knees are slightly flexed and above the middle of the foot. Align your chest forward and upward, your head is the extension of the spine. Stretch your arms slightly away from your body. Your palms point forward. Keep your shoulders symmetrical and away from your ears, so pull back slightly. Now bend your head slightly forward until your neck is slightly pulled. Hold the stretch for 10 – 60 seconds and breathe. Then slowly turn your head to the right. Hold for 10 – 60 seconds and keep breathing. Repeat the stretch on the left side. woman - neck stretching

Reach your fingertips

Here is the exercise: Stand upright, place the palm of your right hand on your upper back. Your left hand now approaches the upper hand from below. The palm of your lower hand is turned outwards. Now try to carefully bring your fingertips together. Hold for 30 – 60 seconds and keep breathing. Then switch sides and repeat this exercise. couple doing daily stretching


It stretches your spine. In this exercise you only have to stretch your upper body backwards with your arms outstretched upwards. It is best to use a chair with a backrest or a large gymnastic ball. But be careful: Please do this exercise with feeling – don’t go too far! lateral back stretching  on a gymnastic ball

Lateral back

This is the exercise: Stand hip-width, your feet point slightly outwards, your knees are slightly flexed and above the middle of the foot. Align your chest forwards and upwards. Your right hand is resting on your thigh with your fingers pointing down. Stretch your left arm upwards. Tilt your upper body to the side so that you can feel a slight “pull” on the outside. Hold this position for 10 – 60 seconds. Now breathe deeply into the stretched side. Change sides. daily stretching exercises

Gluteus Stretch

Exercise: Lie with your back on your gym or yoga mat. Now cross your legs so that your foot lies crosswise on your other thigh. Grab the hollow of your knee with your hands and pull your thigh strongly towards your chest. Hold this stretch for 20 seconds and breathe deeply. Then change the leg and repeat this exercise a second time. woman stretching her Gluteus

Front thigh muscle

With this exercise you also train your sense of balance. Stand upright. The thighs are always parallel to each other during this exercise. Now lift your left leg and bend it backwards. Grab your bent leg with your left hand and pull it to your bottom. Hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds. Now change sides. If you have a good sense of balance, you can grab the foot with both hands. front high muscle- Quad stretch

Include Leg extension in your daily stretching

This exercise really stretches all the muscles in your thigh. Lie on your back on your gym mat. Stretch your legs through. Thread a band ( resistance band or Thera-band) or a towel around one foot. Then bring this foot upwards at an angle of 90 degrees. Stretch the leg as far as possible. Now you lead the leg as far as you can sideways to the right and left. Lower it again and repeat this exercise before changing the leg. Do two passes per leg. Important: Perform this exercise slowly! Leg extension stretch

Hip flexor

These exercises are especially important for people who sit for several hours a day. The hip flexor connects our legs with our pelvis. No other muscle represents this important connection. This connection has a special influence on our posture and uphold. With a shortened hip flexor it is harder for us to keep upright. Exercise 1, in the office: If possible, get up after one hour sitting! A few seconds are enough to bring your hip flexor briefly into the extension and opening. Support your hands in the lower back and lean back carefully. Breathe in and out deeply for 10 times. Exercise 2, in the evening, at home: Lie down on your back, on your gym or yoga mat. Pull your right leg towards your chest and hold it with both hands. Breathe in and out deeply for 3 to 5 minutes. Always draw your leg a little closer to you as you exhale. Put your leg down again and feel the side difference. Repeat this exercise with your other leg. Hip flexor stretch

Simple Twist Pose – a very important exercise in your daily stretching

This stretching exercise improves the flexibility of the hip and spine and opens the shoulders. It is also designed to stimulate our digestion. For this exercise you sit on your yoga mat on the floor, with relaxed arms on both sides. Now put your right hand on the floor, behind your sacrum, and your left hand on your right knee. Take a deep breath and with the inhalation extend your spine, and then use your hands to turn your torso to the right. And exhale. Continue to breathe calmly and hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds. Now change sides. Repeat the exercise at least 2 times per side. Simple twist pose

Achilles tendon / calves elongation

There are different methods for stretching the Achilles tendon or the calf. Here we introduce you to one of the simpler exercises, which you can also do in between. Stand up in a simple lunge step, so you place one foot with a wide step forward, while your rear foot remains completely on the ground. This stretches the Achilles tendon and the calf of your rear leg. Now you feel a light and comfortable pull in your Achilles tendon and calf muscles. Hold this position for 20 seconds per side. A light seesaw can further improve this stretching exercise. Then loosen the position and loosen your foot by light circular movements. Repeat this stretching exercise 3 times per side and once daily. Achilles tendon / calves elongation

Daily stretching exercises help us avoid muscle pain and keep our muscles loose.

So we stay fit and agile until old age!

For more inspiration:

Younger make-up – with these tricks you can cheat away 10 years in 10 minutes

Unfortunately we can’t stop the time, but we can definitely cheat away a few years with these simple beauty tricks and look younger and fresher in short time – without Botox at all.

For a youthful look it is important to look natural

If we have too much make-up, unfortunately it does not make us younger. No, on the contrary, it makes us look much older. Because dark colors and smokey eyes look great at 20, but unfortunately are no longer so advantageous after a certain age. The eye area loses its firmness over time, the make-up can settle unfavorably in the wrinkles and drooping eyelids are accentuated. Make-up as a miracle weapon? Yes, of course! It can definitely make us look younger. Used correctly, it can even make us look more awake and slimmer. With these make-up tricks we reveal how wrinkles can be optically concealed and how they look fresher.

Moisture is everything in order to look younger

Please don’t forget: first, after our mild facial cleansing, we need a good moisturizing cream. Because if we don’t provide our skin with enough moisture, the whole great make-up is useless. The skin looks dry and pale and makes us 10 years older. Moisturizing cream for a younger skin

Prepare face

Wrinkle filler for a younger look With a wrinkle filler cream we can conjure away a few years. It is particularly important before we apply make-up. Without wrinkle filler cream, make-up likes to settle in the fine lines. Wrinkle fillers often contain smoothing waxes and oils with light-reflecting particles and matting silicic acid. This has the positive instant effect of a soft focus.

The right primer

Rich anti-aging skincare with reflective pigmentsA natural, fresh and radiant complexion is the key to a young appearance. For this we need a perfect foundation. If the skin is demanding, it sometimes needs a little more care and coverage.

Choose a rich anti-aging skincare with reflective pigments

That scatter the light and cover the wrinkles or a foundation with a sun protection factor. The color should perfectly match the natural facial tone, because then you don’t necessarily have to cover the entire face. Please do not apply too thickly, this is the top priority for mature skin! A little highlighter directly above the cheekbones and on the forehead make the complexion glow even more. From now on we should do without matt textures. They look dry and doughy on our skin.

Liquid concealer, a must for a younger look

Dark shadows or rings under the eyes can be perfectly covered with a liquid concealer. It should definitely be a shade lighter than the rest of the make-up.

We choose a concealer that can be applied with a brush or applicator

Because it is easier to dab on the sensitive areas and pat in with the fingers. In this way we can avoid future wrinkles under the eye. Dab on thinly in the inner corner of the eye and under the eye and veneer. For a more alert eye we apply some of the liquid concealer under the eyebrows and on the unpainted eyelid. This optically brightens the eye area and makes it brighter. Dab the nasolabial line around the mouth with concealer, carefully pat in with your fingers and blend. The nasolabial wrinkle thus looks less deep. Liquid concealer

Beautiful eyebrows

Over time, the eyebrows become thinner and sink. With the right technique an optical lifting is possible. Brushing up the eyebrows (remove wildly growing hairs below the eyebrow arch and pluck the last third a little narrower towards the end). Finish the finer hairs with brow powder and brush. This looks natural.

Thickly dashed bar eyebrows are rather unfavorable.

However, if the eyebrows have become too thin, there is a possibility to strengthen the eyebrows permanently. The new trend is called Microblading to strengthen eyebrows or Microshading, which is supposed to look even more natural. Only individual points within the eyebrow are filled with permanent make-up. Sometimes eyebrows develop to become more asymmetrical with age. Which is no problem at all, because eyebrows are not twins. They are sisters and are allowed to differ. Beautiful eyebrows

Emphasize contours

Our skin tone unfortunately loses its natural luminosity over the years. A touch of rouge brings back the youthful stealing. A delicate apricot or rosewood shade suits most women and it’s also quite simple:

Just smile before applying

No joke, because this lifts the cheeks and creates a slight hollow under the cheekbones. With a big brush stroke the rouge back and forth along the hollow and finally put a little rouge on the cheeks. If you like, you can also put some highlighter on the highest part of the cheekbones and on the bridge of the nose.

A little shimmer makes the rejuvenating effect even more intense

Creamy rouge

Make up your eyes properly

As soon as the finest wrinkles are visible on the eyelid, we should use some primer under our eye shadow. Without a primer, eye shadow always magically finds its way into the wrinkles. The best way is to choose natural and nude tones for the eye shadow.

A finely drawn eyelid line visually thickens the eyelashes

Then we give our eyelashes the necessary momentum with the eyelash curler. For an optical eye lift we use a carbon black mascara. A finely drawn eyelid

We use length instead of volume!

For an open look, we opt for a mascara that promises more length. Voluminous mascara would make thin lashes, and unfortunately our lashes become thinner over time. They are not able to carry the weight of a volume mascara. Carbon black mascara.

Beautiful lips

Creamy LipstickIn former times lips were a matter of seconds, because every color fit. Only from 40 on matt and dark tones are unfortunately unfavorable. They make lips look thin and hard. And nude tones make our complexion look pale and dull. So we use brighter and friendlier colors like rose, rosewood and apricot.

A little transparent gloss to go with it

It looks fresh and gives volume. We first trace the edges with a neutral outline pencil and slightly blur the outline for a natural look.

Let’s present our lips youthful and fresh, fingers away from trends and towards classics!

Underline your benefits and you will look younger and fresher in a subtle way, because an open, alert and appealing face with a radiant complexion is not a question of age.

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