Secret fatteners – we have uncovered for you


Did you know that there are these secret fatteners?

Habits that secretly make us fat without us knowing?

Although we pay attention to our nutrition and also like to do a lot of sports.

And we really like to do that, so that we feel fit and, of course, cut a good figure.

But there are these seemingly harmless habits, that make us secretly fat.

We usually do these things on a daily basis and completely subconsciously.

We have unmasked them here, these secret fatteners!

LOW FAT – Products

Although counting calories is very important when losing weight, fat or calorie information on the product alone does not say much about whether you are gaining weight or not.

Because low-fat products usually contain more sugar and this sugar in turn causes your blood sugar level to rise rapidly. Which in turn means that it will drop quickly.

This leads to ravenous appetite, and these make sure that you eat more.

That’s why low-fat products can help you gain weight.

Choose products that are digested more slowly. They boost fat burning and ultimately lead to weight loss.

low fat yogurt and cereal bar

Artificial sweeteners

In order to do without normal sugar, many also like to use artificial sweeteners.

But did you know that one of the secret fattener is artificial sweetener. It is 300 times sweeter than normal sugar?

This means that our brain gets used to this intensity of sweetness and the natural counterpart is hardly enough for us.

And so we want more and more of this sweetness and become addicted to this sweet taste.

According to the study, the risk of getting fat is 33 percent higher if you drink 1-2 light drinks a day.

soft drink light a secret fattener?

You don’t eat enough

Not a good idea!

Your body has a calorie basal metabolic rate (BMR) per day.

It consists of your height, weight, age and activity (how much you move, sports etc.).

This means he needs a certain number of calories per day to function well.

Basal metabolic rate calculator (Link to BMR Calculator of

If you want to lose weight, you should save about 500 calories per day from your basal metabolic rate.

But if you skip too many meals, your body will use it against you. Why?

If you eat less calories, you will signal a famine to your body. The metabolism is slowed down because energy has to be saved.

Your body saves its own body fat instead

 a banana on a plate

Snacks from the package are also secret fatteners

You sit comfortably on your sofa, watch your favorite series and nibble a snack straight out of the box.

This makes sure you gain weight quickly.

Because if you are distracted, the pack is eaten empty in no time, without you wanting to…

You don’t have to do without it completely, but it would be better if you prepared the portion beforehand.

salted pretzels

You may not drink enough water

The human body consists mainly of water and for every process in the body it needs water so that it can function.

The guideline for healthy adults is about 1 to 1.4 fl oz per 2.2 lbs body weight, but a minimum of 50 fl oz water from drinks.

Sometimes we don’t even know we’re dehydrated.

We then only feel tired, perhaps have a headache or get sudden hunger pangs.

Then you suddenly stand in front of the fridge and want to eat something. But what?

In most cases this is due to dehydration.

Our brain then confuses hunger with thirst.

If you find yourself in this situation again and stand in front of the refrigerator and don’t know exactly what you want …..

Try it with a glass of water and wait a few minutes.

You will see, the hunger has disappeared.

a glass of fresh water

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