Incredible benefits of a cold shower


We all need a cold shower

Surely you know that; you are just really relaxed in a nice hot shower, and suddenly only an ice-cold water jet comes out of the shower head ….

The air stays away and you think that you will have a heart attack right away.

One problem with the heating in the house is enough and the warm water stays away.

Or you make it conscious, which is extremely useful for the health of your skin and your body.

There are also special terms for this practice.

It’s called the James Bond shower or the Scottish shower.

The practice is to switch from hot to cold water at the end of the shower.

This is really anything but pleasant!

Cold showering, and cold in general, has been shown to have an amazing effect on your wellbeing and health and could be exactly what you need.

It’s really amazing what a small turn of the faucet can do to make a big difference in your life.

By the way, cold showers are a typical morning ritual of successful people, because they build up an incredibly strong willpower and discipline. This mental strength will have a positive effect in every area of your life.

As you build up your discipline and mindset, you can experience the many benefits of cold showers and your body can only benefit from them.

The cold shower is energizing and invigorating. Cold showering stimulates your immune system, improves your blood circulation, unblocks your internal organs and is diuretic. It makes your skin and hair healthier and brighter. It also stimulates the muscle fibers and soothes stress.

Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Cold showers improve blood circulation and the immune system and your lymphatic system

because it forces the blood to move around our organs.
The body tries to warm itself during the cold shower, which leads to an increase in the metabolic rate and activation of the immune system. This increases the number of white blood cells (white blood cells fight diseases).

The alternation of hot and cold water supports your lymphatic system by contracting the lymphatic vessels when you are exposed to the cold and relaxing them when it is warm.

This pumps out the fluid that has accumulated in the lymph vessels, resulting in a stronger immune system and better overall health.

So, if you manage to take a cold shower every day, you will be less ill!

cold water gushes out of the shower head

Cold showers accelerate muscle regeneration and relieve pain

Professional athletes often take ice baths for their preparation or when the competition is over to eliminate the effects of muscle pain and reduce inflammation.

To take advantage of these benefits, you don’t need a high-tech training center with cold water baths and ice bins.

Just take a cold shower.

It improves blood circulation and helps remove lactic acid from muscles, muscles recover faster and pain is relieved.

Change between very hot (but please do not scalding!) and very cold, so that the blood circulation is stimulated and the lactic acid can reach the surface.

Your muscles will thank you for it.

beautiful legs in water

Cold showering promotes weight loss

In our body we have two different types of fatty tissue.

Brown fat and white fat.

The white fat is bad. It’s the body fat we hate so much. Brown fat, on the other hand, is good because, it is there to generate heat to keep our body warm.

In a cold shower, the brown fat is activated to produce energy, in other words heat, for the body to burn calories. Without any muscular effort.

Cold showers improve the beauty of skin and hair

The cold causes a vasoconstriction. Blood vessels and capillaries contract, the skin contracts.

One of the best ways to improve your complexion and tighten your skin is to shower with really cold water.
You will get a fresher and more radiant skin and look much better!

And best of all: this beauty tip is free!

The same applies to the hair.

A cold shower reduces the follicles on the scalp and favors stronger hair roots. This will make your hair look shinier, stronger and healthier and it will also prevent hair loss.

woman with foil hairdo

Cold shower improve blood circulation

And still not motivated to take cold showers to feel better or look better, then maybe you’re motivated to improve your health enormously.

Because cold showers promote your blood circulation by pumping blood to your organs to warm them.

Stimulating the circulatory system is ideal for your heart health.

Cold showers against depressions

There is a high density of cold receptors in the skin, much more than for heat registration.

This reaction to cold water sends a large amount of impulses to our brain.

Only five minutes of a cold shower or swimming in cold water cause a significant electrical discharge and this influx can lead to an antidepressant effect and alleviate the symptoms.

After a nice warm shower, I let cold water rain over my head as long as I can stand it.

woman takes a cold shower

Cold showering helps to cope better with stress and improves emotional resilience

A cold shower or swimming in relatively cold water can increase our tolerance to stress and even certain diseases.

As a result, you are generally less stressed.

The uric acid content is lowered and the glutathione level in your blood is increased.

Now we are back at James Bond – in the movies and books he always takes a Scottish shower, where he starts hot and ends with ice-cold water. And he’s the quietest and coolest guy there is!

Cold showers improve your attention and wake you up

When you take a cold shower in the morning after getting up, you know that the temperature shock can sometimes make it difficult to breathe.

This deep inhalation will dramatically increase your oxygen intake and heart rate, and a lot of blood will circulate in every part of your body.

A natural energy boost for the whole day!

water drops

Tip for your cold shower

Don’t start with cold water if you don’t want it.

First enjoy your hot or warm shower, only the last few minutes should be cold, as cold as possible.

Just start at the bottom of your feet and walk slowly upwards. First the front and then the back. Next, your arms are next. Also from bottom to top and now your torso.

This also first from the front and then you let the cold water run slowly over your back. Get used to the cold temperature better.

Finally, if you like that, let the cold water run over your head.

cold shower water running over hands

When should I take a cold shower?

In the morning a cold shower wakes up your body, relaxes your muscles and joints and puts you in a good mood.

But also in the evening, before going to sleep, it is very pleasant to take a cold shower because it lowers your body temperature a little.
You can fall asleep faster and get an incredibly good night’s sleep.

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