Quickly and easily great and shiny hair


Want shiny hair? You don’t want to hear anything more about fine, brittle, thin and dry hair?

Make your hair shine again.

Here is a little guide how you can get quickly and easily great and shiny hair.

The opposite of shiny hair, thin and fine hair

How come?

Some people have less and thinner hair by nature. But also medicines, diets, hormone fluctuations during pregnancy or menopause can thin out the hair.

Quick help to get shiny hair again

More volume is the goal. Volume shampoos with bamboo extract can promote hair growth and bring fullness. Care products with caffeine can also activate the hair roots and thus strengthen them. For quick volume, apply some dry shampoo to the hair roots and simply change the crown.

Brittle and dry hair

How come?

The older we get, the weaker the natural keratin of our hair becomes, which is why the hair becomes slightly brittle, dull and splissy. But also external influences, like too hot blow-drying and straightening, sun rays or frequent hair washing damage the hair structure and make it brittle in the long run.

Quick help

Care products with keratin can strengthen the hair and provide more elasticity. Especially hair oils and hair masks with Argan, Almond or Jojoba oil can give dry hair a lot of moisture and nutrients.

Unpleasant yellow tinge – how to get shiny hair again

How come?

White or grey hair, but also the blond hair can quickly get an unattractive yellow tinge. This can be caused by UV rays, free radicals or polluted air.

Quick help to get glossy hair

There are special anti-yellowish shampoos and silver shine rinses. They contain blue and violet pigments. As a complementary color to yellow, the blue pigments will neutralize the yellow cast in white, gray and blond hair. Goodbye, yellow tint!

These were the small steps, how you can get quickly and easily great and shiny hair.

For more inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/womenoverforty/hair-styling-tips/


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