Goodbye to the cold!

With our tips for strong Immune systems, you are guaranteed to get into spring healthy and alert.

Right now we are in the middle of the risky season.

As soon as the sun shines out behind the clouds, the thick, warm jacket is quickly exchanged for the thin T-shirt, and the cold in the morning and evening is underestimated.

A big one for the onion look and an intact immune system.

Our protective shield, which fights hard and vehemently against viruses and bacteria, provided it’s on its toes.

To support this, our ten golden rules help:


After a long winter we are now really longing for some sun. And under the influence of sunlight, our body can produce important vitamin D, which has been shown to boost our immune system.


Regular exercise gets the body and mind going and also boosts the immune system.

Sufficient sleep

Sufficient and restful sleep of six to eight hours is the be-all and end-all. Unfortunately, however, sleep is often neglected, making the body more susceptible to infections.

Healthy and vitamin-rich nutrition

About 70 percent of the immune cells are located in the intestine. A balanced diet not only tastes good, it also keeps you fit.


Almost too good to be true. Kissing actually trains the immune system.


Laughter is healthy. Stress and tension is not good for our body and laughter and good mood can do the opposite.


Quality Time with family and friends is and remains the best medicine for our body.


Enemy number one to our health is stress.
In order to prevent illness, we should listen to our bodies and take regular short breaks.

A Sauna visit

The change between hot and cold trains the immune system optimally and prevents a cooling of the mucous membranes perfectly.

Brush massage and alternating showers

A brush massage stimulates the blood circulation and a morning shower not only stimulates the circulation and the immune system. The cold showers also tighten the connective tissue and cellulite disappears.


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