Don’t worry, be happy! – When you get older


When I get older and turned forty – that was a big turning point in my life.

And I asked myself, what will it be like at 40?
What will change? And how will my life go on?

Now I am over 40 and am on a very good way.

But what actually speaks against getting involved in the great adventure of getting older, simply accepting the challenge.

The answer is:

A big one for every experience, every laugh and every year of life!

“I am proud of the wrinkles. They are the life in my face.” – Brigitte Bardot

How often have I found myself thinking about being so happy to have my school, my studies and my first years of work behind me? Of course, I don’t want to miss all these moments and I’ve put the most beautiful ones in my memories.
But to relive all this, no thanks!

In the evening, relax and put your feet up and drink a toast to the self-determined life that you can lead now because you are an adult – it’s not beautiful!

Maybe learn something new again, maybe a new language or a motorcycle driving licence?

It’s never too late for that!

Having it in your own hands is the best feeling of all.

woman in a field of sunflowers

And the little wrinkles? Do I get older? So what?

Of course we change. One fine day you look in the mirror and see the first wrinkles, the first gray hair and feel the first bodily ailments.
You notice that something fundamental is changing.
You are no longer asked for your identity card, as in the past, and at some events you are suddenly one of the oldest in the room.

But it doesn’t matter at all! You just get older, also more interesting, and stand by it!

Some women want to be 27 forever and look like that. But it is not desirable to look young, but good!
Simply look good, be well-groomed and healthy.
Have fun and joy in life and a lot of laughter. Laughing is very healthy and makes a super charisma.

And that’s exactly what matters!

woman looking in the mirror 
thinking about get older

What luck we have nevertheless

In any case, we can look to the future with complete relaxation, because there are an incredible number of statistics and studies that give us courage.

Starting with life expectancy. Did they know that life expectancy has doubled in the last 120 years – and that we live on average 34 years longer than our great-grandparents?

We have gained a whole second life span as adults, which prolongs our lives. Isn’t that an incredible enrichment?

Besides, there are many other positive things about getting older.

“It’s not little time we have, it’s a lot of time we don’t use.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Optimism and joy, our daily companion when we get older

Research says less stress, worry and anger. Because they become fewer in old age. But the perspective also changes. With every year of life you focus your attention more on the positive things in life.
Unpleasant things are better left under the table as you get older.
One realizes more and more that one has it in the hand, whether one lets oneself be annoyed or shrugs simply with the shoulders and continues.
You also become more reconciled with what is happening to you and concentrate more on what is beautiful and good in everyday life.

Over the years we develop a more stable self-esteem.
Inside we are strengthened, we listen to ourselves.
We also no longer blindly trust in what others say. We have our own opinion. This gives us a new independence from external influences.

woman walking on the beach and thinking about get older

In short, our life satisfaction increases.

Getting older also seems to teach us that our remaining lifetime is limited and that we should concentrate on what is good for us in the here and now.

You also begin to take more time for things and people that are really important to you instead of constantly chasing after new things.

Our social skills and judgement are making huge leaps. We also climb up the knowledge ladder and increase our level of performance.

We become wise and learn to trust in our knowledge.

“Getting older also means getting better.” – Jack Nicholson

Best prospects for us women

Biology predicts the best prospects for us women.
Did you know that our estrogen levels after menopause are at the same level as before puberty?
Nine-year-old children are happy and laugh, energetic and balanced – until puberty sets in and messes everything up.
The turbulence also returns with the menopause, but this time to ring in a harmonious time.
We return to the beginning of our lives, only this time we can write our own history.
The stage belongs to us and what counts is us!

So let us be wise and happy now, better sooner than later!

happy Business woman

One of the most beautiful pleas for old age comes from the charismatic and wonderful film and fitness icon Jane Fonda.

For them, age is a staircase that symbolizes “the upward aspiration of the human mind and our attainment of wisdom, wholeness, and authenticity. She is sure: “It is not the experiences that make us wise, it is the reflection of these experiences that makes us wise. It helps us to become what we could have been.”

The three acts of our life according to Jane Fonda:

  1. Women begin in wholeness.
    As girls, we are cheeky, self-confident, and the main characters in our
    of my life.
  2. with puberty, many begin to worry about belonging to it.
    to be popular. We become figures in the lives of others.
  3. in our third artist it may be possible to go to the beginning
    to return.

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