Healthy bathing – find the right bath additive


For a healthy bathing, a hot bath with soothing bath additives not only relaxes, it can also alleviate physical complaints.

Which additives are good for healthy bathing what we have put together here for you.

Sea salt bath crystals

for irritated skin

Natural sea salt is best suited for a salt healthy bathing. The minerals it contains dissolve dead skin particles and stimulate skin regeneration. The bath should last a maximum of 20 minutes at a water temperature of 100 °F, otherwise the salt could dry out the skin.

Oil bath

against dry skin

Dive for 20 minutes into the 100 °F warm oil bath. Then dab your body lightly with a towel, do not rub off.
This way the oil leaves a light greasy film on your skin and protects it from drying out.
For extra care and moisture: add a tablespoon of honey to your bath water.

Ethereal oil for healthy bathing

for colds

Eucalyptus and thyme help to relax and free the airways. Peppermint oil is good for headaches and rose oil can help
Lighten your spirits. The bath may last 15 minutes at 100 °F.

Please be careful: in case of fever, please do not get into the tub, this will overstrain your circulation!

Sludge and mud bath
( peloids)

for tensions

Mud and mud baths have the property of storing heat over a longer period of time. This makes the baths particularly suitable for back pain and muscle tension. A full bath with moor-containing bath additive may reach a temperature of 104 °F, but for the sake of your circulation it should only last a maximum of 20 minutes.

Carbon dioxide bath

promotes blood circulation

Bath additives that produce or contain carbon dioxide have an invigorating effect. The carbon dioxide (CO2) in the spa bath can promote blood circulation and slightly lower blood pressure. Low temperatures up to 93 °F are ideal. At higher temperatures too much carbonic acid escapes.

sulphur bath

for itching and inflammation

Sulphur has the ability to inhibit mild inflammation, alleviate itching on the skin and promote blood circulation in the body. In addition, the mineral inhibits sebum production and can thus contribute to an improved skin appearance. To avoid stressing your circulation: Bathing time 20 minutes at 100 °F.

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