The right perfume for every skin type – why fragrances are a type question


It is really great to find the right perfume for you, because the fragrance depends on your type.

Hardly sprayed on and already flown away again.

While the same perfume still smells as intense as fresh from the bottle at your girlfriend’s, you’re already spraying.

The reason for this: not all fragrances are the same – every wearer interprets them anew with their skin type.

The ideal fragrance for oily skin

With her, less is more. The light oil film on the skin reinforces the scent effect – sweet eau de perfume can quickly become intrusive. 

A bitter scent or eau de toilette is better for oily skin. But if you don’t want to do without sweet, fruity notes, perfume smells less and less intense on your hair.

The right perfume for dry skin

On dry skin, fragrances evaporate faster, so stronger notes with a fruity sweetness, such as the citrus or bergamot, are well suited. If you love intense fragrances, it is best to use a highly concentrated eau de perfume. 

A little trick: Apply a fragrance-neutral body lotion as a primer so that the fragrance does not evaporate so quickly.

The perfect scent for sensitive skin

Because sensitive skin is easily irritated, it is best to apply the scent to freshly washed hair. It holds there just as well. Otherwise, it is best to test the perfume in the crook of the elbow as a precaution. This quickly shows whether your body reacts to it.

So that the fragrance lasts for a long time:

Knock into the skin, do not rub – this destroys the scent molecules.

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