The Beauty Secret of Korean Women


The Beauty secret of Korean women – Korean women are also known for their beautiful and pure skin.

They are among the most demanding beauty consumers in the world, because flawless, firm skin and an even complexion are the ideal of beauty in Korea. This is why Korean women attach more importance to skin care than make-up. When it comes to facial care, they pay particular attention to innovative products with natural ingredients that are effective and skin-compatible.

They’re so thorough!

Up to ten steps are included in the grooming routine – but peeling and mask are already included, but the Koreans don’t use them every day either.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s different in the bathrooms in the Far East.

Double cleaning:

Koreans rely on a combination that cleans deep into the pores but gently at the same time. First, an oily facial cleanser, applied to the dry face, removes all oily deposits. Oil is able to dissolve oil. This not only thoroughly removes cream and make-up, but also balances sebum production. A gentle facial foam cleanser then removes the remaining dirt.

Double Cleansing - one of the Beauty Secret of Korean Women


Lightweight and lighter

The care is applied in several steps and thin layers.

In Korea, the skin is often pampered with three light textures before a cream is applied.

Step 1 – the essence, which is the first to be patted into the cleansed, toned skin. It is also the heart of the care routine for many women. An extremely light texture that is immediately absorbed into the skin and stimulates cell renewal.

Serum - another One of the Beauty Secret of Korean Women

Step 2 – the serum is a little thicker, more voluptuous and contains an even higher concentration of active ingredients. This product is also gently patted into the skin of the face, not rubbed. Allow to soak in for a few minutes.

Step 3 – the lotion that follows has the main task of moisturizing the skin.

Step 4 – only then does the cream follow. It is then actually the richest component in the layered work of art. It then protects the skin from harmful environmental influences.


Apropos protection:

Step 5 – the very last step – at any time of the year – apply sun protection with a high sun protection factor on your face.

Sun Protection

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