In exotic countries coconut water is a well-known thirst quencher and at the same time a perfect isotonic drink.

The young green coconut is cut with the machete and drunk with a straw. Very refreshing and really delicious!

In the meantime, the young coconuts are also available on the market, but most of the time you buy the coconut water in a tetrapack or in a bottle.

But what is coconut water?

Inside the coconut is not, as many think, the coconut milk, but the coconut water, which can be found in the still green, young coconuts. It is important to harvest the fruits when they are young and green. But the younger and immature the coconut is, the less flesh it contains, but the more coconut water it contains. Up to half a litre of coconut water per nut can be expected. This can be tapped directly and freshly. Coconut water has a sweet taste with a hint of coconut. It tastes best chilled and is very suitable as a fresh thirst quencher.

The creamy coconut milk, on the other hand, is made from the very fatty nut meat of the freshly harvested coconut and is perfect for cocktails, cooking and baking.

Coconut water – a healthy thirst quencher and a gifted iso-drink for athletes with many vitamins

With 15 kilocalories per 3,38 us fl oz, it contains very few calories but plenty of valuable vital substances.

Coconut water is packed with minerals such as copper, magnesium and potassium, as well as vitamins and antioxidants. These nutrients alone make the exotic water an elixir that revives the spirits.
Coconut water is naturally isotonic and has an astonishingly high content of dissolved salts of about 0,008 oz per 3.52 oz, which is very good for athletes.
The iostonic properties are ideal for replenishing minerals and liquids.

Isotonic means: The ratio of nutrients to liquid corresponds approximately to that of human blood.

In addition, no additional and useless harmful substances such as acidulants, synthetic vitamins, artificial sweeteners and colourings, flavours and carbon dioxide are needed.

It naturally promotes the supply of electrolytes into the body and thus prevents dehydration.
By balancing the electrolyte balance, blood pressure is regulated and thus high blood pressure is prevented.

This tropical soft drink is also acid-free and is generally well tolerated by people with a sensitive stomach.

It is also said to have the good property of protecting the liver and healing damaged liver cells thanks to antioxidants.

In case of diarrhoea, avoid dehydration thanks to the electrolytes.

It has even proved to be a wonderful treatment option for kidney stones. Who integrates coconut water firmly into its nutrition, can counteract the occurrence of kidney stones and other kinds of stones and deposits of poison materials in the body even effectively.

The metabolism is also stimulated by this drink, so that cell renewal is accelerated. This in turn provides smoother skin and shiny hair.

The skin is moisturized from the inside, improves blood circulation and can therefore radiate.
The result is a fresh complexion!

In addition to its moisturizing properties, coconut water
also properties that make fungi, bacteria and viruses flee. A real shield against infections and skin diseases.

A natural anti-aging miracle!

another great effect: coconut water counteracts the aging process of the skin. Cytokinins are responsible for this. These plant hormones, which are increasingly found in coconut water, stimulate cell division and thus strengthen the skin.

Coconut water – also a suitable remedy against hangovers

After drinking plenty of alcohol, the effects of the hangover can be alleviated with coconut water. The exotic water refills the mineral and liquid stores emptied by the alcohol.

Our conclusion is therefore more than obvious: coconut water is not only a natural, tropical and delicious refreshment drink, but also a blessing for health. Suitable for everyone and for all circumstances. Feel fitter and healthier by enjoying this tropical all-rounder.



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