Relationship – what keeps you alive?


What is it that keeps our relationship alive? A really good question.

A long relationship is so valuable

Pursuing a long-term relationship with your partner is by far one of the blissful things that you can experience in your life.

The idea of being in a relationship with someone that you have known for a long time, and taking it to a next level could be intriguing, exciting or, even, nerve-racking—it requires your partner and you to take initiatives to keep your relationship alive.

You should follow the given initiatives to experience a long-term relationship with your partner, and how you can keep your relationship alive and fresh. Even when you have been with your partner for a considerable amount of time.

So necessary for your relationship – openness for change

To pursue a long-term relationship with your partner, you are often required to welcome an unrequited change in your life to help your relationship with your partner grow and prosper exponentially.

You should not experience change as threatening, and you should be familiar with your boundaries when it comes to welcoming a change in your life.

Adjusting yourself to a change should not deprive you of your integrity, and it should be based on how your partnership can improve in the long run.

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Mutual appreciation

If you are involved in a long-term relationship, you should practice mutual appreciation with your partner. Practice the elements that prove to be crucial in strengthening your partner’s self-confidence.

Allow your partner to grow as an individual.

The act of mutual appreciation also helps you to promote health in your partnership, which is an important prerequisite for any couple entering a long-term relationship.

Show interest in your partner

The majority of couples tend to lose confidence in their relationship when one partner no longer shows interest in the other partner.

Find out what your partner finds most attractive about you, what he likes most about you. And it is precisely this characteristic that you should strengthen in order to reawaken your partner’s interest in you.

People with self-interest are open to new ideas, this motivates them and keeps them moving.
If you also have new ideas and interests and bring them into your connection, then your partner will certainly appreciate that.

Show interest in your partner - good for your relationship

Have fun with your partner

You should refrain from adding a serious and monotonous tonality to your relationship,
Please do not let your partnership become so serious and monotonous.

Just have fun together.

Also take part in activities that would help you to get closer to your partner.
You should also fool around and make jokes with your partner to maintain a healthy and long-term connection with him.

You can also watch a movie or read a comic book together. Or paint a picture together. Just have a good time together. You should do things that allow you to have fun with your partner. It brings lightness and happiness into your relationship – and that’s what makes it so nice!

Couple having fun together

Arguing – also an important part

If your partner and you are not involved in the argumentation or are confronted with a conflict, then your relationship probably lacks depth.

In any case, it should be dealt with immediately. Arguing with your partner is part of a living relationship, and it means that your connection is healthy and solid.

Although sometimes it takes some arguments to determine where your relationship stands at any given moment.

However, you should be careful with your words and deeds when arguing with your partner.
And very important: refrain from attacking your partner personally, this would damage the integrity of a relationship.

An argument with your partner has nothing to do with disrespect.
So never be vulgar, cynical, violent or vicious towards your partner.

An argument or disagreement should be conducted in a healthy way.

Arguing with your partner is part of a living relationship

Expressing criticism 

If you want your partnership with your spouse to flourish and prosper, you should make an unyielding effort to offer constructive criticism of your partner.

Never hesitate to say what you find most disturbing about your partner. The truth is that your partner may not always know what is bothering or hurting you.

For this reason you should express your thoughts to your partner without hesitation.
Such a change can stimulate the growth of the relationship you share with your partner.

It would also help you to grow as a couple and also as individuals.

Sexuality is a very important point – it keeps the relationship alive

In a long-term partnership you should focus on stimulating your sexuality to keep your connection alive and healthy.

It proves to be beneficial if you are attracted to each other and also if lust and passion ignite between you.

This helps your relationship, because this way you can grow together as a couple.
For example, if you have no respect or longing for your partner, you could probably lose desire for him or her. If you feel a lack of sexual desire in your partnership, you should communicate with your partner that you miss it.

And if you have difficulty experiencing sensuality with your partner, you should work together to find solutions to rekindle your sexual desire for your partner.

Sexuality is a very important point - it keeps the relationship alive

Do not lose the language 

Of course it can happen, and it is no wonder that a couple in a long-term relationship can lose communication.

But please make sure you change that again. It can seriously damage your connection to each other.
You should never lose the language and communication with your partner.

Dare to openly express your feelings for each other, even if you have been together for a long time. Practice verbal and non-verbal language with your partner.

This will help you express your affection, compliments and appreciation for your partner.

You should also think about your life together as a couple and occasionally remember your relationship to maintain the spark and intensity of the connection.

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Be yourself in your relationship

Sometimes you get lost in a long-term relationship. You change unconsciously to please your partner. But this is exactly what your partner does not want in the long run. After all, you are an independent person and your partner got to know you as such at one point.

Often one loses the perception about oneself, or it is lost through a longer process. You should always be yourself and stand by your feelings. Never fake your feelings just to please your partner.

If you are not content with yourself, it could also affect your partnership in the long-term.

Be yourself in your relationship

Do you also have your own interests

You should not rigidly adhere to patterns and rules of conduct to please your partner. Loosen up!. And do something on your own for once.

If you bring new impressions with you, this will also take your partnership to another level.
Do something unconventional and crazy and test your limits and those of your partner. You should also not concentrate too much on your relationship.

While it is important to give your relationship enough importance and attention, if you focus too much on it, you may be deprived of the vitality of your precious treasure.

This could possibly affect the potential of your relationship in the long run.

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