Travel outfit – How do I dress fashionably on long air travel?


The right travel outfit. On long flights you want to be dressed as comfortable as possible, so that feels good and the flight is as pleasant as possible.

And yet you want to look great and stylish. Is that possible? But yes, that works!

Celebrities always look so stylish when traveling. No wonder, the paparazzi lurking everywhere between check-in and security lock. We can do what the celebrities can do!

We’ve picked some great ideas for a stylish travel outfit

The make-up should rather be a bit more discreet and the clothes sit comfortably and casually. So do not thunder too much, because that just seems lifted.

The right top for a perfect travel outfit

Perfect for the aviator is the onion look. Not only that, it sometimes gets warm on board and then gets cold again – even at the destination there are often different temperatures than at the departure point.

Super-stylish: a casual shirt with sleeves, maybe even the classic with stripes !? That would be a perfect base for your travel outfit.

Over it a cardigan or cardigan made of wool or cashmere or a casual oversize blazer. So you can get dressed and dressed as needed. This is super comfortable and looks great too.

For your travel outfit –  choose muted colors

Muted colors, such as blue, gray, black, white, cream or olive green, which is not only good for the eyes. These colors can also be combined well with each other.

Maybe that will upgrade to the business class.

Selection of travel outfit

The perfect pants

The best solution for long-haul flights are Chinos and loose pants. They look good to everything, are correct and yet casual. But should it rather be the jeans, please pay attention: they should have a stretch share and not too tight, so they are still reasonably comfortable.

Please keep your hands off of training pants, they never look very stylish!
And: skirts and dresses can be worn on holiday all day long

The matching shoes

Perfect for flying are loafers or flats made of leather. They look elegant and you can easily get in and out. Even lighter boots, which are easy to put on and take off, are very good. Sneakers are also very comfortable. But the best is a simple white model. They are super stylish and look great on any outfit! Even in the business class. So, a perfect companion for your travel outfit.

Important: the shoes should not be too tight, because the feet swell on longer flights.

A casual headgear

A cool hat or a baseball cap is essential in your hand luggage.

Mostly, the hairstyle is a bit destroyed after a long flight and then a nice hat is the salvation. Or you need some privacy, then you can pull your baseball cap deep in the face. If necessary, can also replace the sleeping goggles.

Woman with Heat and sunglasses

A cuddly scarf or cloth (made of cashmere or wool) and thick socks

A flier can quickly get icy cold. So you do not freeze or even catch a cold:Thick knit socks that warm your feet and take a cozy (cashmere) scarf or cloth on board.

The cloth can also be used as a pillow or blanket.

Further little helpers

Such as  SOS change of linen

Why? After such a long eight-hour flight, the need for fresh linen can ever be correspondingly large, and sometimes even a small unforeseen accident can happen and the tomato juice, the coffee milk or the chicken curry lands on the clothing.

With changing clothes, this is not a problem.

SOS - little helpers for your travel outfit


Be sure to bring a pair of sunglasses in the cabin. It can hide the eye shadow and our eyes can slowly get used to the sun.


A few pretty stud earrings or a necklace or a striking bangle, that’s enough.

Because too much jewelry could be a great test of patience at the security check for you and the other passengers.

In addition, less is more!

So then,

Toy - airplane made of wood

Have a good flight!

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