Sexy and beautiful legs – a real eye-catcher for the summer


Sexy legs, every woman dreams of beautiful and sexy legs for the summer.

But what exactly is the secret of perfect and sexy legs?

  • They are tanned
  • The legs are without hair
  • and are silky soft and shine
  • Cellulite is barely visible
Hardly it gets warm, finally the first real summer day – and uuups – we are not really prepared.
Way too early! With horror, many women find that their legs do not look the way they imagined: un-tanned, fine veins shimmer through in some places, the skin is coarse-pored and looks a little dull.
But, do not worry, with a few simple steps you can get out a lot and the legs are quickly fit and well maintained for the summer.

With the following tips you make your legs the stars of the summer

To get sexy legs, exfoliate:

The dead skin cells should be removed regularly, that’s how the skin looks healthy and fresh. It also stimulates blood circulation in the skin. The legs are immediately firmer and the skin gets a rosy glow.

The easiest way to do this is with a sea salt scrub. So, off in the shower and exfoliate! In drugstores special body scrubs are offered. But you can make a great body scrub out of coarse sea salt and honey yourself.

Another option would be a peeling glove:

Rub your legs in a circular motion, but do not forget your knees and ankles. You can even do this every morning with the peeling glove. Brings a great side effect and your circulation going.

A bit getting used to, but also very effective:

Changing showers. By alternately cold and warm water, the circulation is stimulated perfectly, the fat burning increases and the skin immediately appears tighter.

Sea salt peeling

Shave your sexy legs:

Beautiful legs should be smooth and silky, so be free from hair!

There are also different possibilities. Shave, waxing or epilate.

To free themselves from the annoying body hair, most women still take the blade in the hand. This quickly conjures a handsome result.

To get sexy legs - shave them


Always use a fresh blade when shaving and apply some Sensitive Shaving Cream on your legs.

And attention:

It is better to epilate or wax on your knees, because here the danger is especially great that you could cut yourself and thus hurt yourself.

Very well suited, if a bit painful, is waxing or epilating. The hair is removed with the root and the skin optimally protected.

But nevertheless, no matter which variant applies:

Then always apply a soothing skin lotion, best with aloe vera.

Dry oil makes sexy legs shimmerUse dry oil for your shiny and sexy legs

Dry oil has the advantage of normal body oil that it immediately moves into the skin and does not stick or smear.
After showering, massage the dry oil onto your freshly fanned legs, which will make your legs glow and moisturize them. Then you can get dressed immediately, as this dry oil leaves no sticky film.

Leg training – exercise for perfect legs

For well-formed, firm legs you can not avoid a bit of training.

It takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it! Most effective are squats, preferably one-legged. So the muscles are particularly stressed.

Great side effect:

The butt is trained with the same.

And the good thing about it:

You can do it over and over again during the daytime and everywhere. Walking, jogging and cycling is great for the muscles and make the legs beautiful.

Leg training

Anti-cellulite program:

Getting rid of the unsightly dents on thighs and buttocks is not always easy. An unhealthy, high-calorie diet, genetically weak connective tissue, hormonal influences and too little exercise promote cellulite.

Grapefruit can do wonders to fight the unsightly dents. Once a day you should enjoy this fruit, because it not only tastes good, it is low in calories, rich in vitamins, helps very well with detoxification and helps also with regular consumption to improve your skin appearance.

Good anti-cellulite creams or anti-cellulite oils can also support the whole thing positively. They have a firming effect and strengthen the skin vessels.

Another way to strengthen the connective tissue of the legs and buttocks would be a plucking massage. Pluck and massage the affected areas every day. For this you take a little skin between the fingers and squeeze tightly. But of course, it does not really hurt, but it feels good.

This plucking massage stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the connective tissue. Do this for one of your morning rituals before you get dressed.

You’ll see, your legs are improving in no time and pretty soon you’ll have sexy legs.

Camouflage make-up Tinted care:

For beautiful and sexy legs you may even cheat!
And the supreme discipline for optical cheating is beautiful tanned skin.

Tan makes our legs look slimmer and conceals irregularities.

Perfect for that:

Body Blur – Lotions. They look like a tinted moisturizer, just for the body. Cream your smooth-groomed legs with Body Blur – Lotion, just like a normal body lotion. This great Body Blur – Lotion gives your skin a light, healthy tint, hiding fine veins, small dents or even self-tanning traces.

If you have bruises, you can use camouflage cream to cover your skin tone. This special make-up adheres very well to the skin, covers well and is water and smudge-proof.

And if you want a quick solution:

For a quick solution you can use this trick to conjure a subtle tan on your legs.
Bronze shimmer powder. Apply it with a very thick brush. This immediately conjures a gentle, but irresistible shine. But before applying bronze powder renounce the creaming, otherwise it will be spotty.

Sunscreen for your sexy legs


And of course always indispensable for beautiful and sexy legs:

Please use Sunscreen!

For more inspiration:



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