It is no wonder that the world has become a cruel place to live in, and the occurrence of untimely disasters is leaving an influential impact on the people around us.

Belongingness and need for compassion are innate attributes, which makes us all perceptible to assurance and sympathy from our loved ones, even from the strangers.

No matter if you are going a rough patch or, if you are haunted by the atrocities of the past, you always need someone to be sympathetic towards you.

The term ‘sympathy’ is considerably interchangeable with ‘compassion’, and the presences of these two traits determine that how a person reacts towards the people around him, and how he lifts them up in the time of despair.

Being compassionate or sympathetic is known as the ability which allows an individual to perceive the emotional state and sorrows of their people, and using it to approach them to alleviate their emotional sufferings.

A sympathetic person is more likely to experience the sufferings of other people as if it is his own, and he tries his best to exhibit a kind and behavior towards them.

Being sympathetic helps you in forming a close and cordial connection with people, and the more sympathetic you are towards them, the more sympathetic and understanding they would be towards you.

You are not doing someone a redeemable favor to someone by being compassionate and sympathetic towards them but, you are contributing to make this world a better place to live and being a reason for someone to smile and make it through the day.

We all strive to become a better human being, and we are inclined to learning the process of becoming more sympathetic, empathetic, and compassionate towards the people around us, without any demand or restrictions.

Being kind towards someone does not take much of your time, and it makes them grateful to you for the remaining of their lifetime.

Who knows that when you are feeling low, they might express their gratitude towards you by showing sympathy to you?

If you are not sure how to be sympathetic, the following eight tips should help you in becoming more sympathetic towards other people:

1.Call by name

If you self-conscience moves you to exhibit a sympathetic behavior towards someone you know, you should address them by their names, when engaging in a conversation with them.

Already speak to the other at the welcome by the name, the name is an important part of the personality, esteem, many are impressed, if one makes the effort to remember the name.

It creates an impression that you are here for them, and it helps them to open their hearts to you.

2.Show honest interest

If someone has chosen you as the person that they could trust and expressing their feelings to, you should show honest interest in their conversation, expressions, and gestures. You should talk to them in a lifting way, and you should refrain from exhibiting a condescending tone when approaching them.
If you are in a public setting, whether in the pub or a meeting, you should ask questions frequently to emote your interest in their conversation. You should listen to their answers and thoughts actively, and you should refrain from interrupting their conversation, and contribute to the talk when it seems appropriate right to you.

3.Ask for small favors

If you are considering becoming a more sympathetic towards someone that you know, should ask for a little friendship services from them, and you should ask for small favors to build a rapport with them. It gives them the impression that you want to enter their personal space to help them with their concerns, and it also blossoms a friendship between you and them.

4.To touch once in while

A certain number of studies show that maintaining a light and graceful physical contact with someone creates a cordial connection with them, and it also brings out your sympathetic side to them. When doing so, you should not push on intrusive but, gentle and unobtrusive on the upper arm. A light touch on the arm or shoulder of a person promotes mutual trust between two individuals.

5.To admit small weaknesses openly

When approaching someone with a sympathetic spirit, you should refrain from giving convulsive advices to the person, as it could intimidate them, and it could keep them from opening up to you, and it also creates a distance between you and them. If you think the person is vulnerable and not ready to open up, you should carry a warm up conversation with them, and you should build up a sympathetic momentum towards them. It will create a bond between you two, and it will aid them in opening up to you.

6.Keep calm in case of conflict

If a person is experiencing distress, he is more likely to become agitated and aggravated, which provokes him to create conflict in his surroundings. If you want to contribute to the wellness of an environment, you should maintain a calm composure in the case of a conflict and stay sovereign in the case of a trouble or quarrel. If someone is raging, you should not rant back uncontrollably. However, you should stay pretty factual and composed, and try to handle the situation with a relaxed mind.

7.Adapted but authentic

When engaging in a conversation with a person, you should manifest an adaptable behavior, which responses to the tone and spirit of the conversation yet; it should be authentic and real. You should refrain from showing a counterfeit and phony behavior towards a person that you are approaching, and you should maintain a constant eye contact with them. You should mimic their body language and hand gestures to create a rapport with them, which will help you to become more sympathetic towards them.

8.Be at peace with yourself

What could be a better way to be sympathetic other than being at peace with yourself? It is no wonder that great charisma comes from inner satisfaction. Everyone has a bad day and is not happy with themselves, but still be nice to you and smile… Hearts can be conquered faster when you have closed yourself to the heart.


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