It is a common misconception that men usually gravitate towards a woman’s look when it comes to developing feeling for hers. This idea of having good looks is too stereotyped and generalized in a society, which could require girls-of-age to become apprehensive about their looks for having a boyfriend or getting married.

This notion of men liking a woman’s looks has been debunked by men, and they have openly expressed the traits in a woman that appeals the most to them. While good looks or a maintained and dressed up woman appeal to most guys, a man wants a woman to be more beautiful and pretty—he wants his partner to be intellectual, conversationalist, communicative, independent, humorous, outgoing, and personality. He looks for motherly instincts in his partner, who would cook and care for him, and ask about his day when he comes back home.

Good looks are a huge benefit…but not enough to fall in love and dream about a long and happy relationship. A man looks for a sense of completeness and wholesomeness in his partners, and having good looks is a mere part of the package. A guy looks for the following traits and attributes in his partner:


A smile is the most attractive feature of anyone’s face. An alluring smile appeals to most guys, and they tend to fall for smiles more than good looks. A majority of the men think that a woman should smile frequently, as it her look more attractive to them.

Cooking skills

If a woman knows how to cook and bake, a guy might consider going a long way with her in a relationship. A man always looks for a woman who can cook and bake, and treat with him delicious meals. Having cooking skills is indeed the best way to win a man’s heart, admiration and praise.

Sense of humor

No man would be interested in pursuing a relationship with a woman who is serious and monotonous all the times. Even if a woman is moody or somber at most times, it could turn off most men. A man likes it when his partner is being humorous on spontaneous occasions, and it makes her more attractive to him.


While a man pursues an independent and career-driven woman, he likes it when his partner is being playful with him. If a couple is serious at all times, it could lead to a communication gap between them or, it could create a conflict between them, and no one wants it to happen!
If a woman is playful and lighthearted, it allows the man to approach his partner as a friend and share his problems with her openly.

Caring nature

No man would ever pursue a woman who does not care about him or ask about how his day went; he looks for a caring and thoughtful partner, who would listen to his thoughts. He wants his partner to be communicative and open with him, and the caring and nurturing nature of a woman makes her more appealing for her partner.
If you are considering pleasing your partner, you should exhibit a caring nature towards them, and start asking about their day, concerns, problems, and struggles, and give your input accordingly. If you are good at giving opinionated inputs to your partner, it makes you more attractive and alluring to him.

Motherly instinct

A man looks for a woman, who is acquainted with having motherly instincts, when it comes to settling down with her in long-terms. It indicates that she is ready to care for and look after him, and most probably start a family with him in the long run.


Being real and natural

While a majority of the men might fall in love with women because of their good looks, they look for the attributes of realness and rawness in them. They want their women to manifest individuality and be their own person, and refrain from being someone else which they are not.
If a woman is trying to look like someone else or act unnaturally, it could put off certain men—which could provoke them to distancing themselves from their partners. A woman, however, if acts realness and natural, it could turn on most guys, and it could intrigue them to learn more about their partners in-depth.

Being able to compromise

Relationships are all about compromise and cooperation, and if either of the partners refuses to compromise with the struggles or challenges of their relationship, it would eventually lead to them having a fall out. The challenges of the relationship demands being understood and tackled and it requires both partners to communicate their concerns and worries to each other to close a chapter on their argument.
However, if a woman refuses to compromise and start packing her bags, it could put off a man due to her behavior, and it deprives them of the opportunity to sort out their troubles. A woman should be able to compromise and communicate to her partner without any obstacles to work out on their relationship.

Being accomplished and fulfilled

A majority of the guys pursue a relationship with independent and financially and emotionally stable woman. If a woman is still figuring out her life, it might provoke a man to reconsider his interest in her. If a woman is accomplished and fulfilled, it could inspire a man to establish a long-term relationship with a woman and learn more about her. He would be interested in learning more about her accomplishments and goals in life.

High voice

It has been scientifically proven that the high voice of a woman appeals to men, and it contributes in pursuing an interest in them. The higher and articulated voice of a woman would be, the higher it would appeal to most men.

Long messy hair

A majority of the women believe in looking their best and keeping their hair in best condition to stand out to men but, it has been proven several times that men gravitate towards women who have long messy hair. It gives him a chance to wind up and play with her hair, and it makes him adore his partner even more.

Red lips

As mentioned earlier, a smile is the most attractive feature of anyone’s face; however, if a pretty smile is paired up with red lips, it could escalate the attractiveness of a woman to another level. Men find red lips appealing, and they believe that putting on a red lipstick can make a woman look more beautiful than they are.

Big hips

There is no doubt that men are attracted to women with an hourglass figure, and having big hips or big assets is part of it. Men find big hips attractive in a woman, and such feature could provoke them to approach her and ask her out on a date.

Enjoying life

If a woman is invested in enjoying her life instead of being dedicated to her career or doing nothing, it really makes her stand out to men, and it could lead them to form a long-term relationship together.


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