The biggest relationship mistakes of women


Relationship mistakes often happen subconsciously

A functioning, vibrant relationship can be one of the most beautiful things in life.

It brings happiness, joy and contentment to the couple.

A great and well-functioning relationship also gives us support.

Despite all this, there can be different situations and conditions that can upset and influence a relationship between man and woman.

Often in these situations, mistakes are made by both sides and the house blessing hangs crooked.

Of course relationship mistakes are made by men and women, but here we wanted to shed light on what we women often do wrong subconsciously.

Which relationship mistakes can we prevent

How can we improve our relationship by avoiding these mistakes?

We have tried to observe and analyze the issue.

What happens to our relationship if we make mistakes

Because if these mistakes are made again and again, a valuable relationship loses its joy and strength over time.

If we succeed in overcoming and avoiding these mistakes, you can bring your relationship into a productive and happy state.

The biggest relationship mistakes we women make that lead to a bad relationship are the following:

We cannot or will not understand men

We women think we understand men.

We think we know what he feels?

And what he thinks – but the truth is, you can’t fully understand their thoughts.

Everyone has a different psychology, men and women.

And that’s why it’s rather difficult to interpret them.

Do not analyze your husband’s behavior from your own perspective.

He might say something else with a different meaning, but we interpret it negatively, don’t do that.

Relationship mistakes - an elderly couple has a fight

We try to change our partner

This is a really big relationship mistake.

It can become a big problem if we are not satisfied with the man we live with for a longer period of time.

We start to look for flaws and faults in him, want to reshape him.

Then suddenly, at a party, we see another man who may have been nice to us for a short time, and we feel attracted to him – and we may forget the gentleman we are currently with.

And that is really not fair.

We do not see what is being done for us

This is an unfortunately big relationship mistake of us women.

We do not see the things our husband does for us just to make us happy and content.

We often take everything he does for granted.

We think that we deserve everything he does for us anyway.

And we forget to appreciate it.

This unfortunately leads to frustration and mistrust in our relationships, without which we would not have wanted this.

A heart is cutting in pieces

Another relationship mistake – we forget to give

We love getting things and favors.

The problem is we’re not willing to do the same for him.

We should just be willing to compromise on different things.

Relationship is synonymous with compromise.

It is not enough to cook for him or do his laundry or keep his appointments.

No, a man wants his partner to be interested in his interests, to listen to him and to spend time with him.

Thinking only about yourself can lead to problems that can cause difficulties on both sides.

Compromise, love and extreme care are the things that can bring happiness and satisfaction in every relationship.

Drama - Queen

We become drama queens

Now here comes our drama that we women love to put in every state of our lives.

We become oversensitive and over-reactive to every little mistake of men.

Most of the times, the men are getting to a different perspective of the issue in a positive way and we women turn it into a whole different issue that affects the relationship at the end.

We think that we are the only one who has faced such amount of problems and the world is just not fair with us.

We tend to believe that we are more sensitive than men but the truth is men are quite sensitive too.

In the matter of feelings and relations both parties have the sense of sensitivity or should have because have sincere feelings can lead to a happy relationship.

There is a famous proverb that no mosquitos make elephants, which means simple tiny problems can’t harm you that much and you don’t need to react that much, just be patient and endure little problems, find a solution and work together to solve the issue.

We cling

When we are newly in love, we like to cling to the man, to his deeds, to his words, and sometimes we are much too much around him.

We just don’t give him enough space, so that he might be able to deal with his own things and his own little problems or just meet his own friends.

But it is healthy to have different circles of friends and hobbies.

Further we cling to his words, which he said, but which he maybe didn’t mean at all.

We also do not forgive him for the little mistake he made, although he has apologized for it a million times.

No, we continue to cling to him and narrow him down.

Unfortunately, the relationship doesn’t lead anywhere and in the end the man will feel stressed and will take off.

Because the more one partner clings, the more the other withdraws.

That would be a pity!

So, less clinging.

We forget our own value

For most women there is another problem:

They value their men more than they value themselves.

They are so to speak blinded by love and forget themselves in the process.

One should never put one’s own needs completely in the background and neglect oneself to make the other happy.

A love is a constant give and take and should always be balanced.

We should rethink our relationship if it weakens our self-confidence.

Because even the most exciting infatuation has its limits when it becomes an addiction and we let ourselves get slaughtered by it.

Never forget your self-respect and your worth.

Sad woman because of relationship mistakes

We compare with the ex

Oh, yeah, there’s the reason why the ex is the ex. Isn’t there?

We shouldn’t forget this reason and even the good memories are better kept to ourselves.

Besides, these comparisons with the ex not only hurt, they destroy trust.

Comparing is something that cannot give you the feeling of satisfaction in any situation.

Respect your husband.

Love him, lead him and if it still doesn’t work out, then follow the last step.

If you avoid all relationship mistakes and still feel unhappy, you should pull the emergency brake

You have tried enough and endured enough.

You have also made enough compromises in your relationship and have been in some relationships, but the relationship thing brings you nothing but stress and unhappiness.

So it is probably time to pull the emergency brake on the relationship and take time to figure out your soul or the meaning of life.

Chances are that you will enjoy your solo journey for some time, build up to the best version of yourself and the right man in your life will come, period.

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